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February 12 2011

Jennifer Beals reveals her love of BtVS in an interview with Craig Ferguson. Start watching around 7:40.

Woohoo for fridge magnets! If recollection serves me right she also used to date our man Adam Baldwin.
Hey, we take our fridge magnet collection quite seriously here! Stepping into dangerous territory here....
Aw, she had a crush on Spike.
Sorry if that was somehow construed as sarcasm,but the "woohoo" was by all means a positive acclamation in regard to fridge magnets. So for the sake of posterity, let me reiterate; Woohoo for fridge magnets!
Understood completely. Just jossing with you, Thuddles.
That was pretty amusing.
I didn't realize I have something in common with Jennifer Beals - a Spike fridge magnet.
One of us! One of us!

I love Jennifer Beals. I tweeted about her being a Buffy fan a couple weeks ago. Now I need to get some Buffy magnets. Ooh, almost forgot! I got a Faith Season 8 magnet as a gift with purchase on etsy recently. :)
I thought Chicago Hope was very good.
I think you meant, 'Chicago Code'. But so cool that Ms. Beals is a BtVS fan!
sorry lol too funny! i'm tired! Code haha
Why don't I own any Buffy Fridge Magnets? What kind of fan am I?! I hope she's geeked out a bit with Minear and Ryan over her love, haha.
Jaymii, Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan never worked on Buffy. Jennifer Beals never mentioned Angel, though it's possible she watched that show too.
So? I figured they must have watched Buffy, to you know, work on Angel. I guess its possible they have both never seen the show...
Jaymii Sorry, I thought you meant geeked out over them for writing Buffy. Heh.
Where could I find some marvelous fridge magnets this fine lady is speaking of?
CafePress or eBay would be your best bets for fan made magnets.
Etsy is the first place I'd look.

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