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February 12 2011

"I am not a food critic. Or a chef." - Jewel Staite's food blog. Jewel Staite's started a food blog called 'Happy Opu'. She says: "[I'm not] even a professional writer. What I am schooled in the art of, however, is enjoying myself. And this blog is going to be about just that: the art of enjoying yourself. Through food. And drink."

Sounds like my kind of blog!
I agree. Hard not to love this blog. As Jewel says, it's about food. And drink. And enjoying the moment. Great reading, even if you're not hungry!
I feel hungry just reading those entries. Of course, I could have made some feeble pun about entrees but I resisted the temptation!
I admire your restrain, Catalyst.

All her blog needs now is pictures of the food. That's essential for every food blog.

Now I'm inspired to finally start the calamari blog I've been thinking about for years. Especially now that I have an iphone, which makes taking photos and uploading them super easy.
This is inexplicably awesome - in every way possible.
Great sense of humor, and a real feel for stringing words together (writing, I think the kids are calling it). But it's kind of like grocery shopping: Don't read this blog if you're hungry.
Opu means stomach in Hawaiian.
Sounds great; I like a bunch of food blogs. Pictures are definitely needed.

One suggestion: Kaylee Eating The Strawberry!
Think I've taken a class or two in that school myself! Liking this new project from our Jewel.

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