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December 26 2003

Red, White and Funny... In a piece about Jon Stewart's Daily Show and its preparation for the upcoming election, Stewart mentions Angel in a self-deprecating and chuckle-worthy way.

"We've got us a Democratic general!" he says, clearly elated about having Gen. Wesley Clark as his guest. "That's like a gay black Republican. It's a rare beast." The audience laughs. Then, suddenly, Stewart's anti-hype radar locks on another target—himself. "I can't believe the luck you all have," he says, "because some days you come here and you get the third lead from 'Angel'."

For those of us without access to Comedy Central, there's a ton of The Daily Show realvideo clips at this Comedy Central Timewasters page, including a number of interviews with whedonverse actors (I think).
SMG is the only ome of the Whedonverse actors to appear on The Daily Shows Timewaister online segment.

Also like a really old clip like Season 5 of Buffy and they barely mention the show it instead they talk about the SNL party she went to the night before.

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Hmm, my love for Jon Stewart just went down a couple notches. He should have picked some new dumb sitcom to make fun of instead of a show in its fifth year with a rabid fan base.
well maybe he meant that the audience has crappy luck by having jon as a host rather than the incredible third lead...who is the third lead anyways?
This season, the third lead is James Marsters. I don't think he's ever done the Daily Show. In previous seasons when Charisma was still around, Alexis Denisof was third lead. I don't think he's been on the show either. Jon didn't seem to know who the hell he was when he interviewed Aly during the American Wedding promotions.

So, Jon was just exaggerating. I do wish he would have used another television show though, since I have sensitive feelings.
Jeez, you people are harsh!

rsfayez, I suggest you watch the damn show before you go accusing Jon of being a bad host. The Daily Show is one of the best comedy shows on TV, and it won 2 emmys (1 went to Jon himself) for outstanding comedic writing & best comedy show.

"...incredible third lead..."
Who are you kidding?
Between interviewing a presidential candidate and some actor, it's easy to see why Jon would rather have Gen. Clark. Making another actor appear witty and interesting for five minutes so they can plug their show or movie must get very dull and mentally taxing. If you ask most actors that go on these shows, they would say that they lead pretty mundane uninteresting lives, hardly worthy of discussing in front of a national audience. To Stewart, conversing with the possible future leader of our country is a bigger treat, that's all.
Robo-Ritter, agreed. But he still should have used "Good Morning, Miami" or some other stupid show.
There is an old Hollywood axium, that there is no such thing as bad publicity. With that said we also don't know how the audience reacted to the General Democrat joke. I'm just pleased that he would compare a potential presidential canidate (being it is a satrical news show) to the third lead from Angel. I took it to mean that the second and lead actors from the show would warrent more attention,then a person seeking the highest political office in the land. That's not bad if you think that Angel is only watched on avg. by 4.5 million people every week, where as a canidate would need a heck of a lot more votes to get the nomination. Also the fact that Newsweek printed it, just all the more valuable even an off-the-cuff remark made in a top ranked respectable news magazine adds credit to the show - that it's not just kids that are watching. One last thing by mentioning it, like he did he must watch the show or else how would he know that the show would have a 3rd lead. So go easy on Jon and give him some credit cause his remarkmight actually help bring viewers to the show.
oh vodoo_daddy i hope you detected the inert sarcasm in my remark for i happen to be a devout jon stewart fan. i like how comdeians poke fun at themselves like conan and david.

i absolutely agree with referring to angel, the show was given some sort of publicity, the casual remark proves that angel is a part of pop culture. making fun of something doesn't necessarily degrade it. i mean have you ever watched "seinfeld", "the nanny", "everybody loves raymond"?

according to malcolm in the middle's hal, when he guest starred on "seinfeld": "it's our sense of humor that sustained us as a people...". of course he was referring to the jewish people, but that notion can be universalized.

happy new year's
I sometimes forget that "Buffy" and "Angel" are still punchlines for some people. It's sad and telling that Jon Stewart would joke about them, because during the last week of Daily shows, he interviewed actress after actress from "Mona Lisa Smile" and "Cold Mountain" - two of the corniest period pics of the year that probably don't come anywhere near the emotional and intellectual depth of our shows.

But fantasy = nerdiness for most people. And that makes for punchlines.
Maybe he was thinking of Touched by an Angel? Or some other angel-based show?
I don't think he was making a joke about the quality of "Angel," but about the relative recognizability and importance of one guest versus another. Prufrock suggests that he should have used "Good Morning, Miami" as the punchline, but while I haven't seen the numbers, I wouldn't be surprised if that show pulls in a bigger audience than "Angel" every week. It's a crying shame, but it's probably true, and very likely that the audience would recognize the third lead from that show. So, when you consider how relatively low-rated "Angel" is, the joke is that the live audience usually gets someone on par with the third lead on a series that none of them watches, anyway.

Besides, you talk smack about "Touched by an Angel" and all of those strange people who think it's terribly realistic start writing nasty letters and actively praying for your eternal damnation.
Just got back to read the responses -- I agree with RavenU that any publicity is good publicity. To me, the comments sound remarkably like Joss Whedon. They are sarcastic and self-deprecating. I wouldn't be so sensitive about it. Angel is a genre show, and the comment could have been filled by the "third lead from..." any other genre show: Smallville, Alias, Jake 2.0, Star Trek, Farscape (when it was on), etc. Most of the people watching Jon's show are in the young age group that Angel and Buffy did pretty well in, so it is the type of joke that is actually poking fun at ourselves.
Yeah, come on, let's not take ourselves that seriously. Joss and Jon Stewart certainly don't. It was a joke. Stewart puts himself down all the time too.

Angel isn't mainstream and the majority of the american audiences don't give a damn about James Marsters or Alexis Denisof. That's simply true, grossly unjust as it may be. I'm not so sure that this is good publicity per se but I also don't think it matters much either way.

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