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February 14 2011

(SPOILER) Six page preview of the upcoming Dollhouse comic book. If you've read the mini-comic that came with the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD then there's nothing new here. But if you didn't then the preview is worth a look.

Is this basically just a reissue of the one from the S2 DVD, or will it have new pages?
The mini comic forms the first few pages of the comic book out in March. It's like the first Act.
That's good to know, at least we'll be getting new pages aswell, I can't wait. I've never been a big comic fan, but Joss has converted me haha! :)
Is it my imagination, or is this the same comic that was in the DVD set?
It's the same comic in the S2 DVD set, but with extra pages. See above.
Looking forward to the new pages. I LOVE the art by Cliff Richards. Been a fan of his work since his Buffy comics. His lines are always smooth, clean and graceful and look at that, I can easily tell who is who from panel to panel! What a novel idea! :)
I'm not as excited for this as I used to be because Jed and Mo said they're not going to continue the story, it's just going to be the stuff in between The Hollow Men and Epitaph 2, and honestly I'm not so interested in that. I can figure out how everything happened myself and I have no missing pieces like other people seem to. I wanted more of the real story.
Jayrock, there's loads of unexplored territory. "Epitaph Two" didn't end everyone's story. For example, I'd like to know what happened to Amy (the DVD comic hints at this), and Senator Perrin. Also, how did Whiskey end up that way?

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Indeed. The story you have in your head probably isn't how things shuck out.
JAYROCK, to me, Jed and Mo stating that they're filling in the gaps as opposed to continuing beyond Epitaph Two is what makes the idea for the comic really great in my eyes. Why do you need to see what happens after Epitaph Two? You wanna see them rebuilding the world?

I'd rather see how Alpha turns "good," the further characterization of Claire/Whiskey, how the gang functions after Boyd's betrayal, and of course more about Griff/Mag/Zone.
Well to be honest I don't really have a story in my head, I guess I don't need the gaps filled for everything to make sense to me. For example exploring Whiskey isn't exciting to me and I never cared for her as much as most people (when Echo kicked the bleep outta her was a moment I loved), and she ends up dying so I personally don't need to know more about her, and clearly Paul turned Alpha good. And I don't particularly care for Mag or Zone without Echo's involvement and Griff is already dead so I don't see why I care about him now. I guess I realized the stuff I liked about Dollhouse weren't any of those things. I liked the ethical questions and the renting for sex and Eliza in different outfits and the amazing acting from the cast.
I'm fairly excited to see how it all plays out. I feel that giving Griff more of a back story will make his exit all the better.
Come on, be March already! I really wanna know what happened to Dominic after the attic. Also in Epitaph 1 he mentioned that Adele did something with his body, what was that!?!?
Also in Epitaph 1 he mentioned that Adele did something with his body, what was that!?!?

@BlueSkies - Heh. Dirty thoughts floated in my mind when I read this. However, I'm thinking that the "after what you did to my body." was the part where Adelle sent him back to the Attic after he broke out and warned them that Rossum knows.
@csi_spy haha! You know that actually was poorly phrased, or accurately, especially when viewed in light of what she was doing with Victor's body! But you're probably right, I still wanna see that scene though. Comics will never be enough to fill the conspiracy sized hole in my heart after this was cancelled.

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