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February 14 2011

In honor of Valentine's Day, some kisses. Many Buffy alums involved here, all enjoying a kiss or two.

Hawkeye and Hot Lips kissed! I never knew that.
Happy Valentine's day, Whedonesque, for you are my one true love.
Gah! Castle spoilers!
That was a fun video -- although I'm kinda disappointed at the lack of Spike/Buffy and Willow/Tara.
And the lack of Cap'n Jack/Cap'n John... now that was a kiss.
It definitely could have been a little less heterosexual heavy. Maybe it went by too fast, but I didn't see any women/women kissing. And the Firefly excerpt was so brief I had to watch it three times before I caught it.
Aww, that's lovely, thanks!
I rue the loss of the Willow Tara kiss, but that was not really in a romantic context, that one.
barboo - I believe they kissed in the series finale. I believe it was a long kiss filled with all the kisses they never shared during the rest of the show. I believe it was perfect. :)

Oh, my! I quite liked this video. Made me all teary-eyed and lumpy-throated. I've long considered that particular Ross and Rachel kiss to be my favorite TV kiss. I don't quite know how to say it, and maybe it's more a reflection of where I was when I first saw it rather than a reflection of the show itself, but it always seemed to me that that particular kiss was just always there. Exactly in that spot, and exactly at that time. It was there, and it was waiting for Ross and Rachel to catch up to it. Finally Rachel was standing where it had always been, and finally Ross rushed to her, and finally it was able to fulfill its purpose. Just a wonderful kiss, that.

However, after watching this whole thing, I'm reminded of so many other kisses that I'd forgotten being affected by. Cory and Topanga, Pacey and Joey, Brian and Justin, Paul and Jamie.

Man, I love TV. :)
Cool video and a nice idea.
They used the Ned/Chuck saran wrap kiss! I tingle.

After watching that I'm suddenly not sure if I could even pick a favorite TV kiss.
That vid even managed to melt my icy heart. It was great.
Oh, how cool. Thank you. :)
This doesn't have a spoiler tag and apparently someone already got spoiled for this, so .... Castle and Beckett, number 1 for me (since they inexplicably left out the Buffy and Spike kiss that ignited the sequence voted the hottest scene in the history of TV, by TV Guide).

Agree the video was way too fast (especially the unforgivably brief Firefly whiz-by).

I'd add another one, although it forces me to admit that I ended up watching all of Moonlight .... the final scene between Mick and Beth.
Also (Fringe spoilers) ...

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