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February 15 2011

Nonprofit Leadership: 5 Lessons Learned from Buffy. The President of a small nonprofit organization discusses five things she learned from the Slayer that helped her become a better leader.

My version of item 4: Share!
How'd that "Empower others" thingie work out? I Mean, given S8 and all...
She empowered them, gave them the tools they needed to succeed, they didn't. They got pissy and tried to jump her. She did what she could, but sometimes bad choices are made, that makes a flawed hero the best kind of hero. She can still pick herself up after a beating. Now THAT is leadership.
As a former employee of a non-profit, if our CEO had used these principles rather than the "we-can-do-it-on-our-own-and-don't-need-help-from-anyone" I might not have been laid off. Of course, then I wouldn't have the job I'm at now which is MUCH better, so it's all good.

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