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February 15 2011

(SPOILER) Angel #42 preview pages. The issue is out tomorrow.

Maybe that blow on his head had the late effect of buying that Twilight thingy from that Whistler-dog .....
Okay, I like this Angel much, much better than the one S8 gave us. Can I keep him?
I don't...his dialogue is so out of character and stilted, it hurts.
What about it is out of character and stilted? Angel is by far one of my favorite characters in all of fiction, and I think this is perfectly in character.
I think the delivery is a bit odd--Illyria's more than Angel's--but I love what's being said.
Those blurry pages hurt my eyes. Seriously, why are IDW's previews always like that? I used to think it was the site hosting the preview, but it seems to happen no matter what site they are on.
Is the Illyria comic coming out tomorrow or next week? It seems odd that this comic (that is supposed to happen after Illyria 4) is being released before the last Illyria comic. And if Illyria isn't coming out until next week, can I read this one without getting any spoilers?

Edited to add: Sorry if this comment came across as frustrated, rude, or sarcastic. I didn't mean it to. I'm just genuinely curious as to when Illyria's done and if I should go ahead read the Angel comic. Sorry about that.

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Illyria is such a great character. I want to read the rest of this to see what she is going to do

Okay, I like this Angel much, much better than the one S8 gave us. Can I keep him?

If that's the case, mossome, you could just wait a week and read Illyria #4 first. =P

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