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December 26 2003

Angel Season 4 DVD (region 2). At bloody last!!

Finally a UK release date for the fourth season of Angel. The price is nice too! Though not as well known as Amazon, I highly recommend this site for DVD and CDs, they're cheap, quick and deliver for free.

I added "region 2" to your subject line to avoid any confusion.
Good point, could have raised a few hopes there, only to crush them when the link loaded up.
I'm a little suspicous about the site, due to the fact that neither or blackstar have Angel available to sell yet with the release being so close, also doesn't list any extra features, which causes me to doubt it. But it doesnt matter to me, I wont get it until fall 2004 due to living in the US anyway.
Strange how the VHS has been available since July.
Amazon does have a slot for the DVD but it says January 2003? Maybe they meant 2004.
It was the same with the Season 3 DVD. The VHS was out in June and August and the DVD followed in March of this year. So March 1st is probably the right release date for the Season 4 DVD.
I know several people that consistently order from this site and highly recommend it.

As far as actual release date... mistake, typo, actual release? No idea.

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