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February 15 2011

Science Channel to air Firefly in March. Discovery's Science Channel has picked up the rights to air Firefly.

Science Channel host Michio Kaku: "I am now filming the intro to the Science Channels new sci fi series, Firefly."

It's new to the Science Channel.
They're giving it a new intro? wtf?
As in he will introduce the show, not as in new opening titles.
Yeah, why would HE be filming it? It's a commercial is what it is.
Yeah, sounds like this is just going to be him emceeing, essentially.
it's probably a 30 second bumper before the show, just to introduce it
What makes him notorious?
I've edited this to remove the speculation and the notorious comment.
If they show it in the correct order and all the episodes, then more people will get to see Firefly. And that is a good thing.
Actually, this is pretty interesting. May be that the show was realistic in its show of space travel? Just guessing out loud here, people. Your guess as good as mine.
May be that the show was realistic in its show of space travel?

All the planets in one solar system has raised at least more than one eyebrow.
So far, some pretty interesting extrasolar planets have been discovered.

And some fascinating speculative maps of the 'verse have appeared.
All the planets in one solar system has raised at least more than one eyebrow.

True, but I always keep the glass half-filled. Hey, someone has to keep some opportunism, right?
"All the planets in one solar system has raised at least more than one eyebrow."

And on many people two. 'Cause that Spock thing is hard even after many hours of practicing in the mirror.

Which by the way, I um, never did. Really. I swear. It was a... a friend. Yep. That's it--a friend.
Maybe Joss was sort of onto something with a crowded solar system...

A sextuplet alien solar system has been glimpsed in exquisite detail, revealing six planets of varying mass, five of which are packed closer to one another than in any planetary system seen before.

("Alien solar system packs its planets like sardines", New Scientist, 03 February 2011)
I've tried the one eyebrow lift and I canna. Maybe it's genetic?

Ying, thank you for that link. How very strange. I look forward to the explanation, if the scientists arrive at one.

Most discussions about planets that might have the conditions for Earth-type life don't mention our unusually massive moon. The Moon has swept a lot of asteroids and meteors out of our orbital path; it stabilizes our axial tilt and therefore our climate; it produces ocean tides. If this planet had bitty moons like Mars has, it would be a lot less friendly to multicellular life.

Our moon resulted from collision with another planet early in the formation of the solar system; what are the chances of that happening? Propitious conditions for advanced life elsewhere might be more common on the big moons of gas giant planets than on rocky planets, with the giant planet's gravity performing the functions that the Moon does for us.
The thing about the solar system in Firefly is that it has extra suns orbiting around its central star. So it's like four outer solar systems orbiting around a large central one. That's how they explain it away, although I'm not sure if a system as complicated as that could actually exist. (For one, most of the inner Alliance planets would never have night time.)

I'm glad that Firefly is being aired here. Firefly on TV is always good news to me.
All retcons IMHO. The planetary diagram on Alliance paper money doesn't look anything like that.

When multiple stars form a single orbital system in nature (as is fairly common), there is no central star. If people had the tech to move objects with the mass of stars around, they would have godlike abilities.

I believe the celestial mechanics is rubbish, but I'm glad Firefly is airing too.
Oh, you're right. It would be around a common center of mass. I'm bad at this.

But at least we can all agree that Firefly is awesome. You truly can't stop the signal.

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