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February 15 2011

Tahmoh Penikett in Mortal Kombat. He's been cast in the new web series made by Maurissa Tancharoen's brother.

Woo! I love me some Tahmoh.
There's some great names in this. I'm super excited.
Aslong as I hear "GET OVER HERE" at least once, i'll be a happy bunny!
It has a great cast and a great premise, I only wish they would make it into a film or televised series. Maybe even a franchise. Hopefully after the webseries becomes the most popular series in all of the web, even getting higher ratings than Glee and other such popular shows on TV, we'll get to see Tahmoh on the big screen. Always did love the character of Srtyker from Ultimate Mk, he's an inspired choice!
Very happy about this!
Maurissa also said she'll be in Vancouver this week - [correction] soon, shooting a part in this. In the teaser they did last year she did the reporter's voice at the beginning on the video.

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She is!?!?! That's way beyond exciting! How bout Summer for Kitana? While we're in the mood for Whedon castings...

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SWEET! That said, does anyone know when this is supposed to start production? Tahmoh's scheduled to come down to Melbourne for Supanova on April 8-10, it would be a shame if he had to cancel...
Thanks maxsummers! I take a trip one weekend and suddenly the world explodes some awesome...

@Break_Atmo, the article says it's filming now(so does Maurissa, via maxsummers!) and should be aired in the spring, which according to agricultural calandars begins March 21st, so some time around then if that's the calendar they use...he'll probably make it to Melbourne and do some pimping for the show.
Fabulous. That would be even more awesome.
Huh, I was not aware that character existed. When I first read the headline I expected him to end up being Johnny Cage or something. Despite the fact they already had someone play him. And what happened to that character

I'm kind of intrigued though. At the time I was more into Street Fighter since it seemed less grisly for the sake of gore, but I'm curious how they walk that balance between blood and babytalities. (well, other than the fact I can't imagine that latter one would ever be an element.)
I saw the trailer they made for this a few years ago and was praying that they'd eventually do a follow-up. Glad to see this get off the ground finally. :D
A few months ago, deepgirl187 :)
Good for him, but I really sort of hated Rebirth. Count me out.
MoTanch is officially in Vancouver, so filming is thus underway! Whoot!!

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