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February 16 2011

Nicholas Brendon announced for Dragoncon. Nicholas will be a guest of the convention Sept. 2-5.

Great. Along with James Marsters it should make for a great line up.
Only now do I realize that I (as the official browncoat at the announcement) should have been the one to post here that Nicholas and Adam Baldwin are confirmed also for the Phoenix Comicon in May (Memorial day weekend)... They announced it last Thursday. Feels a tad dated now, but it's definitely Whedonesque news.
I'll be going this year! I've tried past years to see if we could organize a Whedonesque meetup, but wasn't able to get enough interest (or a decent thread going) here or on .org. Anyone interested this year?

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I live in Atlanta and will definitely be going. My previous Whedonesque meeting proved very fruitful (met some of my best friends thanks to this site), and would definitely be interested in a meetup!

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