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February 16 2011

Whedonverse couples in IMDB daily poll. Today's poll features couples from BtVS and AtS. The poll runs only 24 hours.

Which of these couples, featured in a TV series that aired in the last decade and destined to be together, is your favorite? You have to be a registered user to vote.

I hate to vote outside the whedonverse, but I've got to vote for Josh and Donna.
Jor - Josh and Donna are cool!
Spike and Buffy "destined to be together"? Don't tell the Bangels!
Okay, I looked at the poll and completely missed Josh and Donna. Definitely top.

Before Jor picked me up on my blindness, it was a tough call between Wesley and Fred or Tim and Dawn from The Office. I would probably have ended up going for our Wesley and Fred though, but not going to bother signing up to IMDB for a poll.
Spike and Buffy! ♥ They're third after Rachel/Ross and Jim/Pam so far, which isn't half bad, considering the show's been over for almost a decade.
I prefer Buffy and Spike as a couple, but I think as far as destiny is concerned, Buffy/Angel wins.
Who are Josh and Donna?

I, of course, voted Buffy/Spike. They're the highest of the genre couples.
'Eh, give me Fred and Wes.

As for Buffy, I'd prefer her and anyone who isn't a vampire. Or superpowered.
Sorry Buffyverse, but I'd have to pick Jim/Pam!
Tim/Dawn would be my first choice, closely followed by David/Keith.

And I guess Fred/Wesley would come next, but only because me/Wesley isn't an option. :-p
Strong list.
I'd choose either David/Keith, Donna/Josh or Fred/Wesley.
But Rachel/Ross, Rita/Dexter and Buffy/Spike were pretty great too!

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