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December 26 2003

If You Really Want to Know. some more needless BtVS cast trivia and a few cute pics.

James Marsters voting has been suspended due to abuse :)

Just thought it was funny.
Hm. I think I really didn't need to know some of that stuff about Emma Caulfield. Eeek!
Well after reading over all the actors profiles I think the people making this list were smoking something cause it seems the are not completely accurate on most of them. Which actually makes the site more annoying than any of the actors listed.
the site said that rob lowe's one of the coolest muslims in i do believe that the writers' credibility must be considered cautiously.
but hey ahs is sexy and nicki's pic is wonderful!
Hee hee, Marc Blucas: Actor/Athlete.
Well, Emma revealed quite a bit about herself on her Howard Stern Show appearance to promote Darkness Falls. That's probably where the sex-related tidbit came from.

And could that photo of Amber Benson be any more amusing?! You can't see her face!
Hey, Blucas was a pretty good guard. Keep an eye out for him around mid-March when ESPN Classic shows old ACC tournament games.
They have Alyson Hannigan voted as the most annoying actor from Buffy, she even got more votes than Riley!!!--I am outraged! Something must be done--Buffy fans should storm the site--of course that's probably what happened with James Marsters :)
Anyway, Alyson Hannigan is the most adorable woman in the world.I hope I'm not spelling her name wrong in my blind rage. That site is annoying. It must be stopped.
Poor give up that kind of information on the Stern show to promote what was, by all accounts, a piece of utter tripe...yikes...

Still love her, though!
Hmm, I seem to remember it was kind of an evasive manuever...

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