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February 16 2011

Danny Strong writing for HBO. Tackling the 2008 presidential election called "Game Change".

It's an adaptation of the 2010 book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. Also being directed by Jay Roach who worked with him on "Recount".

I'm sure that is going to be an incredibly difficult book to write into a screenplay, but if anyone can do it, it's Danny. I'm also rather curious how the casting for this film will go. Tina Fey anyone?
'Game Change' is my favorite political book ever, and 'Recount' is one of the finest political films this side of Sorkin. Color me unbelievably thrilled.

Every time I read the book I couldn't help thinking that it would make an absolutely epic movie, and I trust the skills of this team to make the adaptation.

The biggest hurdle I think is finding very talented actors to believably portray the real people who we are still unbelievably important and visible in our daily lives, shallow impersonations would just ring very hollow. They were able to avoid this problem in 'Recount' by focusing mostly on the behind-the-scenes people who most of us aren't familiar with, and the one character who was highly visible in real life was basically a caricature anyway.

Anyhow, In lesser hand I'd be a little worried. But this is just incredible news!
I miss him in front of the camera, but he's done some great screenplay work.

I agree with ...xander, though, that it's gonna be difficult to find actors to play such iconic people.
I love that Danny is writing again, he's really good at it. And a connection to HBO can only be a good thing, in terms of more opportunities to do high quality stuff.
I haven't read the book but this sounds like an almost impossible feat to pull off. I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle it.

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