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February 16 2011

(SPOILER) Amber Benson to return to Supernatural. She'll be back for episode 19.

I was close. She tweeted something a while back and I guessed The Vampire Diaries. Same network. :)
She's been very careful to not reveal what this "mystery project" is; she even had to reschedule some book signing dates as a result of the shooting.

I'm so glad I got hooked on this show last summer in reruns. Now I really want to track down the past seasons on DVD so I can see her episode.
Hehee! Wanting to see the episode with her in it was the reason I started watching the show to begin with. (But then I got swamped in season one and didn't get any farther than the eighth episode until a couple of friends made me do a marathon to get caught up two years later, but still.) Lenore is one of my favorite minor characters.

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I remember coming away from her prior episode thinking she wasn't going to make it. I can't remember why I felt that way, though -- was there an "escape into daylight" type hook to it, an Early floating in space type aspect?

Regardless, she can only help. Maybe they should keep her around as a really over the top love interest for Sam :)
It's a little amusing that Amber's coming back to a supernatural show in the 19th episode of its 6th season.

Your shirt...
I've kinda felt out of live with SN lately but Bloodlust has always been one of my favourite episodes so I'm quite excited! I'll be tuning in again to see Amber's character!
Interesting. Her last blog post was a sort of heartfelt comment on how she realizes that acting is likely not in her future, that she needs to focus on her art- mainly writing- and get on with things and just create. She noted that had she to live solely on her acting income over the last few years she would not have been able to pay for her health insurance. So in one way this is good, though it is a one-off; I only hope that in the future she combines her writing with a regular acting gig on network TV.
Looking forward to this, I got hooked on Supernatural recently. It's the only show on tv that comes even close to providing the kind of fun that Buffy and Angel did for me back when they were on the air and I feel that it has improved with each season hitting its peak in season 5.
I'm a few episodes behind right now, but I'll make sure to catch up by tomorrow night. I always thought it would be cool to return to her character, especially since the boys have changed so much since the first season.
Awesome! Ditto on the last show to still have some of the Buffy/Angel feel to it!
The first and only episode of Supernatural I watched was the first Lenore episode. Looks like I might be adding one more to my list of watched episodes. :-)
I love Amber and i love Supernatural.
She tweeted she was filming something special/great/insert something i have now forgotten, and i was soooo hoping it was Supernatural.

I truly LOVE few shows, and obviously since i am here, i stay devoted to those i do for life.
So, to have an actor i like on a show i like, it like sprinkles on the ice cream cone for me.

Now, if James Marsters can just find some place good to light his butt on tv and i can stop torturing myself with some of his roles, i will be a happy girl lol

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