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"I'd like to keep Spike as my pet."
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February 17 2011

Why Buffy rocks. An appreciation of the show.

That was great! I actually chuckled and sometimes laughed out loud in places. The points raised are all quite excellent.

Kind of eerie, though - I'm listening to "Instrumental Buffy" and when I got to the part in the article about Buffy dying "Sacrifice" was playing, and then when I got to the mention of OMWF "Dawn's Lament" was the current track.
Why am I not seeing a mention of OMWF in the "innovative" section?
Yeah, wasn't the fanrant I would have written but fair nuff. I continue to be vaguely bewildered by the outpourings of Spike love a lot of people have. I mean I'm not anti-Spike, far from it (and this has nothing to do with ships), I like his character a lot but you have to admit that the writer's attempts to make him a badass romantic are a little bit cringeworthy.

And i still have to resist a sigh when he gets British stuff wrong and can't decide where his accent is from.
Good article. I laughed at just seeing some of those one-liners typed. Just a few, really really tiny complaints: including the line, "When I kiss you I want to die" in an essay about why Buffy is great is not something I would do, lol. I think it's a super cheesy line. I also don't get why the "characters" section is dominated by Spike. I agree with digupherbones. He is a good character, but he isn't as amazing or wonderful as most people think he is, imo. To be honest, I probably would have replaced that reason with a reason about the group/family dynamic of the show between the Scooby gang. But maybe that's just me. But I loved the article, thanks for the great read.
That's a really good article. I think the writer captures really well what makes the show so good, and I love what they say about Buffy herself, and about Spike.
It felt cheerfully uneven to me, an enthusiastic if erratic ramble, but all is redeemed by this little gem:

And in ‘Gone’ the camera follows a brawl between invisible opponents, something I’d never seen before and arguably still haven’t.

Also, spoilery, but maybe I'm just focusing on hooking my housemates right now and therefore am concerned about spoilers for episodes that aired a decade ago...
That was a fun read. And I couldn't agree more about Spike being possibly the greatest character created on any TV show, ever.
Oh, I remember reading this article (for the 4th reason). It was nice to read it again.

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