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February 17 2011

(SPOILER) Promo pics of Enver Gjokaj in 'Community'. That's him in the promotional stills for Community 2.18 "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy," which airs in March. (No exact date yet.)

News about Enver in Community has already been posted so I tweaked your headline slightly.
Well, I approve. Great actor in a great show. Also, picture seven is pretty great.
Awesome. I'll be watching this.
Apparently we should all tune in tonight because
Wow, it's great to see Enver again! Community is a great series, so I'm very happy for him.
Simon - your spoiler text is one of the reasons I tune in to Castle every week :)
Squee! Best casting ever.
Aww, Enver and all my favorite characters. Can't wait.
I absolutely love this show! I am so pumped for this. (and I can't wait for tonight's reference.)

nevermind, I was thinking of tonight's episode

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Lisa Lassek, editor of (amongst other things) Firefly and Dr. Horrible, worked tonight's episode.
Tonight's episode was hilarious!! I cracked up at the reference. This is my favorite show on TV right now, I can't wait for Enver's appearance.
He has scenes with Troy and Abed! Yay! Most adorable threesome ever! (Or so was the implicit joke in the Valentine's Day episode that Troy wanted to find the right person for the both of them?)
Awesome reference. Who knew this show could get awesomer?
I didn't notice that this wasn't for next episode, and I was somewhat disappointed. Oh well, still a great episode, and we'll still get to see Enver eventually. Great Firefly reference, too. Speaking of Firefly references, did anyone watch tonight's Mentalist?

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