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February 17 2011

Shelved: Joss Whedon's 'Wonder Woman'. This article by Reid Ackerman, from Geekshow Entertainment takes a look at the film that almost was, and 'wonders' what could have been. Includes concept art.

That's Shawna Trpcic's pitch for the project and not the actual concept art.
Interesting reading this recap of Joss's aborted film in light of Adrianne Palicki being cast last night/this morning as Wonder Woman for the David E. Kelly Wonder Woman T.V. Series Pilot that NBC ordered.

In retrospect especailly now,I wonder if Joss's vision for the character might of worked better as a T.V.Series?

In the end though,things worked out since he still is getting to do a big superhero film with The Avengers.

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I'm trying to be excited about Kelley's Wonder Woman show, but its hard with that script. A lot of the ideas are fine, but I have a problem with the Amazon Princess sitting at her corporate desk kvetching about her breast size. I don't care how many years she's been in Man's World, that's just an egregious misunderstanding of a character who came to our culture to inspire us.
I wish Joss' WW script would leak so someone could make a web series out of it.
I'm with you IMMORTAL, I would LOVE to read that script. Maybe someday.
Notice how I wrote simply "Concept Art" and not THE concept art. :)
After reading a bit more about the new Wonder Woman, I like all the ideas except the fact she has a secret identity and its being written by David E. Kelley. The idea of Wonder Woman being a huge celebrity and working on Wondy merchandise is kind of great. It flips her from the more mystical DC world into Marvel territory in a way. DEK is just awful though, be good if he abandons the project* soon. Get Rob Thomas (or someone genre) on board.

*yeah yeah, assuming it gets a pick up etc.
I don't mean anything negative against Kelley's project, but when I saw the way i09 phrased their news yesterday, "Here's your new Wonder Woman", I thought, "She's not my Wonder Woman".
WW is very likely to get picked up to series. All of the networks wanted this project, and DEK's "Harry's Law" has, ratings-wise, been one of if not the most successful new drama for NBC this season. Plus, the pilot is rumored to be rather expensive and the built-in brand awareness makes this a shoe-in.
If they don't rewrite what is reportedly a horrible script, I hope you're wrong, marvelknight616.
DEK has been taking knocks from every geek site on the web for this WW script, perhaps deservedly so going by the reports. And while I haven't been at all interested in anything he has worked on for years, there was a time when I never missed an episode of The Practice or Boston Public (anyone remember that show? It was okay for a while, until it turned awful). The guy is definitely no slouch and when he's on form (and not trying to beat you into submission with his social/political PSA's) he makes some great television. I wouldn't count him out just yet.
He's written a pilot that's basically Batman with boobs and ice cream sleep-overs, set to "Single Ladies" and "Bad Romance". Forgive me if I indeed count him out.
Yeah some of the stuff people are saying about the script sounds pretty bad at this point, but who knows, maybe by now it's a discarded early draft? *shrugs* It's happening and no one (on the internet) can stop it. I guess I'll wait until I see the actual pilot before deciding to hate it.
I like DEK's legal stuff, but he has no concept of writing women. I mean just look at his creations, they're all weak and desperate to be loved. WW is so far from being weak that I'm worried about her being in his hands. I hope he gets a great writing staff together and makes this work. I don't want WW going from badass to 13 going on 30!
Here's a purported audition tape from DEK's pilot. This is an actual scene from the script, wherein Wonder Woman frets about the size of her breasts.
Thanks for passing that onto us b!x. Not gonna lie, it may just undo what all those late 90's/early00's shows did for women on TV. Step aside Nikita, hello Alley McBeal!!

What I've learnt from this is that as a result of my physical frame I shall never save the world. Buffy lied to me.

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Wow, if that audition is real, this may be the worst superhero pilot of all time.

And even if it's not ... this is a story about an adult woman, who's both a powerful CEO and a crime-fighting superhero. And this woman has ice-cream slumber parties with her best friend, during which she cries about her ex-boyfriend from four years ago.

God, this sounds awful.
Watched the tape. I feel sick.
Watched the leaked audition tape. DEAR GOD NO.
Too awful to comment.
Oy! I mean, oy!
Stumbled upon this article, "Will Hollywood Ever Get Wonder Woman Right?", about the multi-decade fiasco that is the Wonder Woman film. It tells the history of the project right up to the presently green lit DEK pilot and includes a mention of Joss's era, although sadly no details of Joss's script attempts. (A couple of other assigned writers' script takes are described though.)
I thought all the networks passed on the script, including NBC originally...

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