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February 17 2011

IDW's final Angel book. As posted by Chris Ryall on his blog: "... we're going to be releasing our final issue of new Angel-related material, in the form of a 48-page Angel Yearbook. What's it going to contain? Well, final stories from many/most of the people who've been important parts of our 5-year run on ANGEL."

IIIIIiiiieeeeeeeeeehhhh! Aaaahhhhh!

YES! This made my month! Fraking wonderful!

I see Beck on the cover as well!

That first cover is excellent. They have done some great things with Angel, even thought there have been a few bumps on the road. It sounds odd to say this but Joss has some big shoes to fill. Then again, I have to remember that much of the awesome After the Fall storyline was his even though Brian Lynch added some nice personal touches
That's so cool! Even Chris Ryall is writing something.
Very cool way to end IDW's run.Looking forward to getting this.
This sounds so awesome. Both covers are amazing. The second cover is a neat throwback to all of the arcs.
"Angel: Yearbook" tickles me pink. In a masculine way, obviously.

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