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September 20 2002

(SPOILER) Herc talks up Firefly 1.1 some more. Gives it four stars. "Better than most motion pictures."

Any readers here who will actually be seeing the show tonight?

I'll be Tivoing it tonight. I probably won't get around to watching it before Saturday night.
After 5 minutes I got bored. I guess I am not into the whole cowboys in space thing. Star Trek is one thing...they weren't actually dressing like cowboys.
Lots of 'so so' reviews in major papers today. Washington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle.

Here's the positive Hollywood Reporter article mentioned earlier this week.

Boston Globe says: "Tonight's episode is amusingly filled with Western genre conventions. [ ... ] And that is the show's strength. The human never gets lost in the machinery, just as the human side of "Buffy" is never overwhelmed by that show's supernatural high jinks. The crew of outsiders on the Serenity sail into daily uncertainty, leaning on gallows humor and gunslinging to get them through. If Whedon can get its wings secured, fleshing out the crew's complicated chemistry and zeroing in on the more interesting characters, "Firefly" just might take off. "
whats with the prologue by book? was that in an early version, or is there somthing i'm totally forgetting?

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