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February 18 2011

(SPOILER) Q&A with Georges Jeanty, Session 18 is now online. The last Georges Jeanty Q&A for season eight. A second Q&A with Slayalive, in which he talks seasons eight and nine can be found here.

Great Q/A and interview.Thanks to Slayalive for hosting these Q/A's with both Georges and Scott.

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I will point out that a question that he didn't actually answer (I think it was one of enisy's first questions), he did cover in the second interview linked.

PS: Thanks for sharing the love. :)

[ edited by wenxina on 2011-02-18 18:23 ]
I just love this image I now have in my head of Jeanty shopping for Willow's shoes...
@BreathesStory: In my mind, Jeanty's love for women's shoes rivals that of Carrie Bradshaw.

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