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February 18 2011

The Firefly shout-out in last night's episode of Community. If you missed it, you can now watch the relevant clip.

Good ep last night and I went back and watched that part a second time, loved it.
This is one of my favourite shows on TV - it's a comedy about heart - so I approve of this.
I'm surprised no one thought of that sooner...
I get the feeling Troy never heard to Firefly until he met Abed, so it's good to see that fictional characters are sharing the magic of Whedon with other fictional characters.
Well Troy would have been 12 when Firefly aired, so yeah I can imagine he and Abed marathoning the series over their break. Followed by Troy crying when he finds out there's no more.
I've been waiting for Troy/Abed to make some sort of Firefly reference! Community is hilarious.
That reference was fantastic. My mouth dropped open. Until I laughed again, that is.

Wonderful episode for everyone, Troy included. Even if he spent half his scenes not talking. ;-)
Scary monsters, was that funny!
I got really excited when they mentioned a canceled series and I was not disappointing.
Damn! Why am I not watching this show?! That was awesome!
It gave me happy when I watched it on demand this morning, as my dvr ate it last night.
Last night's episode was all-around awesome and this reference was perfection. Of course Abed loves Firefly and of course he got Troy to watch it and join him in fandom love.

"We're gonna get that show back on the air, buddy." <3

Nathan Fillion tweeted about it.

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Wow. Clearly a show I need to start watching.

Over the summer I visited my brother and his girlfriend, and brought my Firefly dvds and got them hooked. She's a philosophy professor. Somehow she mentioned Firefly in class and earned all sorts of cred with her students for knowing the show.
It's so nice when the ones you love love each other.
I adore Community so much and I liked the latest a lot, but it didn't click for me in a couple of places. I'm still curious what is going down with Pierce, he's had a really bizarre storyarc this year. It would be nice to go into an episode of something at some stage not knowing about the Firefly reference ahead of time though - damn twitter! :p
That was such a killer line, I did such a double take last night when I heard it! It was actually these boards and the wide approval everyone seemed to have of the show that got me to become a regular watcher and man what a reward for catching up and keeping up to date on the series!
Another reason it is my favorite comedy on tv right now (well, aside from Chuck, but Chuck is more of an action/comedy to me).
Huh. I must be a curmudgeon. I watched this clip and said to myself "That's it? A joke about staging suicide because a show was canceled?"

Everyone talks way too fast to be able to follow what's going on - there was no reaction to what was being said, just...Person A says she doesn't want to die where magazines die (I assume they're in a hospital), Person B says something about dying surrounded by family, Person C makes a remark about how awful his family is and dead's the only way he wants to spend time with them, and Person D rattles something off about dying because a show is off the air. I just don't get it.

Is it always like that? Everyone just...delivering their lines and no one reacting to them?

Maybe it was funnier if you know the characters, but that 18 second clip does not make me regret not watching the show. Castle has better and funnier Firefly quips.

But, that's just me.
The characters love each other and this was a fairly dramatic* episode (something the show likes to do). I didn't think the reference was particularly great, but if you don't know Troy's character it would make even less sense. The group weren't necessarily listening to what was being said, they were just uncomfortable in the setting and were spouting out sentences loosely related to it. It provides both an insight into all of the characters there with a nice gag at the end: Annie's being witty, but has some nervousness to her, Shirley's loving nature wants to be with her kids, Jeff being a Cool and Smart guy doesn't want to spend time with his family unless he's dying. And of course, the Firefly joke.

I get far more fulfillment out of watch 20 minutes of Community a week than I do Castle. They are completely different shows, starring different people, so its unfair to compare anyway.

*it was also a documentary episode, the shows "normal" episodes are just filmed narratively single-camera. There's meta humour but no fourth wall breaking.
According to Ausiello, this was the 134th shout-out to Firefly in scripted tv shows this season. I would like to see this list.
ShadowQuest, it was a documentary episode. One of the characters was behind the camera filming that scene. No, the other episodes are not like that.

What a weird scene to just jump into. I recommend everyone who is now interested in the show to start at the beginning of season one. It may be a 30-min comedy, but it's pretty continuity-driven. Each episode now depends on the audience knowing the quirks of the characters.
'Community' doesn't really hold your hand and tell you where the jokes are, the lines land as they land, some of the best are total throwaways and for all its often outlandish situations the characters are treated quite realistically so just like in real life they don't say something funny and then pause for a laugh or a congratulatory pat on the back from their friends. A(nother) great episode from one the best comedies in years (except I pretty much see it as a dramedy at this point).

Loved the shout out, figured it'd get a mention on here.

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