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February 18 2011

Marti Noxon talks "I Am Number Four" and more. Marti Noxon talks with about the sci-fi actioner "I Am Number Four" as well as a bit on her work on the remake of "Fright Night" and her writing plans for the future.

It's tipped be number one at the box-office. Anyone see it last night?
No, but I must say I'm now curious. Gosh know, I adore Marti's work, but this show didn't catch my interest. Perhaps I should give it a watch?
If you like things that are derivative of Smallville and Buffy with lots of CGI you might like it.

I went with my twelve-year-old niece. We were both 'meh' and glad we had free passes. But it's not horrible or anything. I thought the review I read that gave it 1 1/2 stars was a bit harsh.
I thought it was fun and enjoyable ... but I did see it free, and had no particular expectations going in, so perhaps those factors colored my experience. Sure, there were some cheesy and/or predictable bits, and there were a couple of moments that made very little sense. But overall, I enjoyed it.

I am surprised though by Marti's comment that Buffy was more of a comic world and this was more grounded in reality. I would have said exactly the opposite.
My niece was disappointed with the changes from the book. But I keep telling her that a book isn't a movie (and a comic book isn't a TV show...)
What would you say about bringing an 11-year-old is upset by violence that shows people suffering (as opposed to more... hm, how to say it... video/CGI-style)?
I thought it was more Roswell than Smallville or Buffy, but I see those elements as well.

I liked it. It had a slow start and I agree it had some cheesiness and predictability but I thought it was charming and full of heart. I really loved Dianna Agron's character, and Timothy Olyphant did not disappoint.
I did enjoy Mr. Olyphant. With the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean with Ian McShane, it was like a Deadwood reunion.
When I saw what the plot was in a review I read just now, it really isn't something I'm interested in. The thing which stood out in the review was that this film leaves nothing original behind, which it really should if it is going to use all of the Superman-like origin story elements. I'm much more keen on seeing what has been done with Fright Night.

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