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December 27 2003

'Once More With Feeling' voted 13th Greatest Musical in the world. And to quote Tony Head who was interviewed for the Channel 4 show "It got legs, and it danced".

Lovely to see Tony representing BtVS.

And they gave it a decent treatment, explaining the concept and ideas within context -- and played the Mustard production number ... "They got the mustard out!" "They got the mustaaard oooouuuuttttt!!!!"

[Not sure about Grease at number one though ... Sound of Music surely?]

On preview: I've just had an email from a friend who is a musical fanatic who called Buffy pre-pubescent. Needless to say I gave him short shrift, pointing out in particular the spontanious combustion and Willow/Tara action...
Tara's song (aka Under Your Spell) is simply my all time favorite, and "Wish I Could Stay" sigh, what more needs to be said, what a masterpiece! But you really have to know the Buffy storyline to get those numbers. They aren't exactly standalone encapsulated bits you can just appreciate out of the blue by just watching a few episodes.

But notice on that list, was anything else created within the past few years? I don't think so.
(Chicago and Moulin Rouge were written before 2000)
That makes OMWF even more unique for its time, being so modern.

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First of all I have to say I love the Buffy musical more than I do my own family. That being said, I can't believe Buffy beat out Les Miserables (the definition of a musical), Blood Brothers, Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon, or that Sweeney Todd didn't even make it into the top 100. I am the biggest Buffy fan I know but I admit the musical theatre part of me is coming out. Still it's nice that Joss will get the recognition for a work well done.
OMWF and The rocky horror picture show, cool, 2 musicals with ASH ;)

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