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"I miss Oz. He'd get it. He wouldn't say anything, but he'd get it."
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February 19 2011

Many happy returns, Mr Head (warning, image contains blood and gore) . Perhaps not the happiest choice of pictures of Anthony Head who turns 57 today, but worth seeing.

The still (by Alex Jefferis) is from an upcoming short film called 'Ella' by Dan Gitsham.

On aging, Tony says:

"I quite enjoy the lines on my face. Injecting yourself with poison is not a good idea. Where does it go? It's got to go somewhere. I don't like the saggy bit under my chin, though. I don't think it's worth having surgery for, but if it gets worse..."

(From 'This much I know', The Guardian, 2010.)

On growing up in Hampton, Middlesex:

"My friends and I would play hide-and-seek in the graveyard, although we had this rather arduous ritual whereby, if you touched a gravestone, you had to spit on your fingers and turn round three times, which made play quite difficult. "

(From 'Time and Place', The Times, 2008.)

On childhood and a fear of puppets:

"There were moments in my life that I wanted to revisit. I have always felt that there were vast swaths of my childhood that have vanished, leaving me with little lily-pads of memory. I had eight sessions with a hypnotherapist who was trained in regression. It was fascinating. I was able to go back to particular moments, such as a fear of puppets, and I found a different set of emotions from what I had thought all these years. "

(From 'Not just anybody', The Times, 2006)

And finally, to compensate for the rather gruesome start of this birthday post, here's a blood-free Tony for you.

Bloody hell!

Actually, I want to see this. It's only 9 minutes, which I find intriguing.

And...Scruffy Tony....oh dear lord.....thud.
I was wondering the other day about what his best performance is outside Buffy. I'm thinking it might be his Spooks guest spot.
Yeah, the Spooks part ranks high. He thinks so himself, apparently. In particular that bit where Tom debriefs Peter. 'Did you just... 'crack' me?'. Fantastic delivery on that line.
Ah Tony, bloodied, wrinkled, fresh faced, however you present him he is always wonderful. Hope this day is simply wonderful and full of the joys that 57 years of experience can bring.

Best role; PM in little Britain after he meets the American president. I'm actually laughing at that right now!! Hilarious!
Happy Birthday Anthony Head. I first got involved with the fandom when I went to a con to meet him.
And last year when he was at Comic Con with Merlin, he made a point of stopping by the California Browncoats booth to say hello to anyone there. A nice man, a wonderful actor and quite a looker. ;-)
The Logo cable channel among others run Buffy quite a bit and Passion has been on a couple of times in the last two weeks. His performance in that is one that will never fail to touch me (Giles crying and hugging Buffy at the end when she says, "You can't leave me. I can't do this alone".)

I never saw Spooks as it was on BBC. Why only one season?

ASH, I hope I get to meet you one day. I adore you. And Happy Birthday!
I didn't see Tony in that second pic...the 'blood free' one...what was that?
That link is a bit odd, GilesQueen - if you accidentally click anywhere on the page (For example, trying to click "view image") you get taken away from that particular picture to the site's home.

It's a picture of Tony in jeans, a denim shirt (Untucked as usual) and a black trench coat, all scruffy looking. As I said - thud.

Tonya J I met him once, and I wish every fan had that opportunity. He is delightful. Very laid-back, caring, self-deprecating (During the Q&A on Saturday, when a large portion of the audience yelled "WOOO!" at the mention of the Famous Apron of "Manchild," he said, "Oh, come on! You can't 'Woo!' that!"), funny (Friday night during the cocktail party, which was held outdoors in a tent, when a plane went over and everyone looked up, he said "Da plane! Da plane!"), smart and not afraid to speak his mind on subjects that are important to him, even if they might be a bit controversial (US politics).

Oh, and he gets positively gleeful at the prospect of playing an evil character - he said he'd wished Joss had turned Giles evil at some point. When I mentioned I was working on a fanfic where Giles got turned into a vampire, his eyes lit up and he said "Ooh!"

And he gives the absolute BEST hugs!
Happy Birthday, Anthony Stewart Head!
All that comes up is Jack Black and somebody else. The arrows don't do much either, it's a bunch of other celebs. Can someone repost it please?
His photo should be all you see when you click on the link. The photo is copy-protected in every way so it can't be saved and linked another way. Sorry.

ASH in Jeans

Here's an old photo of ASH I found on Google that you might enjoy:

Eck! You really must stop scarying me at this point, that blood pressure thing. Of all things elevated, that shouldn't be one!

he said he'd wished Joss had turned Giles evil at some point.

Eck! And your little dog too! :)
Nope, not working for me.

Edit: It was my Firefox/No Scripts. I had to hit 'temporarily allow all this page'. It's a great thing, but sometimes it hampers things.

I'd have loved to see a vamp Giles storyline...Lost Slayer would have made a great multipart ep. And I recognize the second one. Jonathan Creek. Did they recast him because he was coming here to do Buffy?

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GilesQueen Would you be interested in reading "Sacrifices"? It's a three-part fic, but it's short - each part is only 12 - 14 pages.

Madhatter The man relishes playing the nasty; he said he had a blast playing Mr. Finch in the Doctor Who episode "School Reunion" (That hideous scream was his own, actually). And he's said that he would've liked Giles to "go dark" more than just the few times we see Ripper.

The reason I wrote "Sacrifices" was because the dark aspect of Ripper was so unlike the soft-spoken Giles that I wondered if it'd be "unleashed" if he was turned. (In another fic, "Looks Could Kill," which is the sequel to "Espirit de Marie Laveau," a voodoo spell causes him to turn into Ripper whenever his emotions are high.)

And on a related note, I LOVE the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings. The to the extent that not only have I made a costume, but I'm also working on the WitchKing's armor. I made his morning star, and it's hanging on the living room wall.
Which season of Dr Who was he in?

Yeah, ShadowQuest, where's it posted at?
Which season of Dr Who was he in?

That would be Series 2 (the first David Tennant series), episode 3.

Also for those who like cool things, I'd like to direct your attention to a photo manip in the whedonesque flickr pool. Makes you <insert emotion> for what could have been. Kudos to the creator.

Happy Birthday ASH!
GilesQueen I don't have it posted anywhere, sadly - I have this thing about putting my stuff "out there," as it were.

But my email is in my user name, if you'd like to contact me.

I do keep meaning to set up my own webpage, but I can't figure out why anyone would bother going to it. It's not like my life's all that interesting.

Kaan I saw that. Very well done, although it scares me to think what would happen in the show to get him to that state.
You didn't put a link to the Flkr page. Which pic is it? The 'Ripper' one from the bloodied pic?

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Sorry GilesQueen. Yeah it was the Ripper poster.

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