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February 20 2011

29 Female TV Characters You'd Date. Several of our favourites make the list. Obviously.

Hmm, I'm not sure about that title. "Hot women" doesn't translate to a character that is desirable enough to date. If some of these were real-life people (and not the actresses playing them), I think many men and women would run the other way after the first date.
And, side-note, I never realized how much Smallville's Lois Lane looks like Mary Louise Parker.
I absolutely adore all of them as television characters but I would be eaten alive if I were to date one of them.
I call dibbs on Laura Vanderuoort, I've always had a crush on those lizard women.
I am so sick of all these hot lists. We get it, beautiful people are beautiful. How about a list of most inspirational women or role models for young girls? (This is a rant against the internet, not any person or thread in particular) I mean, Joss's shows are all about empowerment & lists like these really dumb down the fan-base and make it all about s-e-x
I thought it was about "hot chicks with superpowers!"? :p Both the list and Joss's shows.
Can't argue with their number one choice, Yvonne Strahovski. Sarah Walker is awesome.
As much as some of my favourite actors are on the list and I love some of the characters they portray, I wouldn't want a date with any of them; nothing more than a friendly lunch.
No one posted the results for the men!,,20467464,00.html#20913425

ETA: Damn, I thought that would post as a link. Castle FTW!! Booth is I think #3.

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No one posted the results for the men!

Hmm... sexism in action? ;)

Also linky.

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