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February 20 2011

Buddy TVs most epic breakups ... check out #25 and #1.

For all the romantic figures that David Boreanaz portrays, he can never just get the girl can he?!
Watching the number one episode right now!
BlueSkies ... hopefully he will in Bones. I hold out hope.
Don't really think that the Buffy and Angel thing counted as a breakup. A run-through, maybe.

I would say the end of Graduation Day, when he goes off to LA, is a breakup.
I refuse to ever watch Bones, as DB turned down TV movies of Angel and did Bones instead. :(
Yes. Or they couldn't get suitable financing. One of those answers.
But...but...that wasn't the breakup! The breakup was in the next season and still devastating enough to be justifiable as #1 on the list even without death!
Nice breakup list.
If #25 gets a mention, #21 should, too. And should be listed much higher, because #21 broke my heart much more than #1 did. (And that episode had Amy Acker, too!)
Were there no break-ups on tv before 1998?
Not epic ones anyway Simon...
I would really go with Willow and Tara (apparently getting back together doesn't disqualify, on this list). The end of Tabula Rasa is just devestating. (Well, not the very end, just the Willow/Tara breakup.) :_)
Alyson Hannigan is one of the best cryers ever, but this one really broke my heart.

Fringe was an excellent choice too. I love this show more all the time and this relationship is the high point of what has pulled me in, although it just gets curiouser and curiouser.
I'd go with Kira and Odo. That's a heartbreaker.
Sorry Tumnus but that's just not true ... there were no TV movies of Angel offered to him ... he did say he'd rather do a big screen version, but he never turned down Angel TV movies.
I'd say 21 is quite whedony as well.

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