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February 21 2011

'Avengers' filming pulls out of Michigan. It's in reaction to proposed changes to state tax incentives.

Aww, the article makes me feel bad for Michigan. But hey, they've gotta do what they've gotta do.
Speaking as someone who lives in Michigan, I'm not only disappointed about this, but also worried about shows like Hung and Detroit 187 which both take place in the state. It was nice to actually have some representation on television for once; who knows how things will turn out now?
Michigan is broker than broke. This comes as no surprise.

Unfortunately, they would have been better off sticking with the tax breaks. The production would have kept many people working in many different ways.

As things are, another state will be willing to offer the breaks and they'll get the business.

gossi, I don't think it's code for anything else.

ETA: As I'm not a resident of Michigan, maybe it's just Detroit that's broker than broke. My apologies if I assumed too much.

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If they truly do pull out of Michigan a monthish before shooting begins... I'm not sure that's even possible.
No, you're right WhoIsOmega. Michigan is, and has been broker than broke for around twelve or so years now. Right now we're in the middle of a massive restructuring that involves mounds of budget cuts, and it was inevitable that the film credit would be the first to go. Still disappointing, though.
Yeah, it's a disappointment for potential extras and for various caterers, contractors, etc, but the reality is it's never really paid for itself; it's basically product placement at a state level, and nobody's buying more Michigan at the moment.

I really don't know how far "Avengers" or anything else has gotten into pre-production there that it wouldn't cost them more to relocate than they lose without incentives. How do you make a movie called "The Old Mill" without an old mill?
Balls. I was so hoping to see the filming of "The Avengers" in my home state. I don't live in Detroit, I live on the OTHER side of the state, but I was willing to make the trek to watch them.
It's true we're "broker than broke", but we would like to be in the movies! Oh well. Maybe some other time.
Detroit would have been a fantastic site for filming that required a post-modern, industrial (perhaps urban decayish) sort of feel. I'm bummed because I know how much they could have used the business.
Balls for me as well.
I wonder if they'll end up in Canada.
I'm originally from Detroit area (Oak Park), and my entire family still lives there. The state has been in dire straits for over a decade now, and one thing my dad did recently with me is drive me aorund areas that when I was a kid were productive growing areas, but are now vacant- much of Gratiot Avenue, for example, and the area no more than a block from the baseball stadium is burned out, etc. I am not surprised to see this and note that my state is now considering the same her ein Iowa. To me, this cuts off your nose to spite your face.
Marvel's cheap, shooting in Michigan is(was) cheap. That's the reason they were going. If they're pulling out now it's because they can save money by doing so, or think they can, or are taking the risk that they can (maybe the governor will flip flop shortly here). They'll shoot the New Mexico stuff somewhere else, and they'll be fine. And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up in Canada, but there's a lot of places they could go easily enough.

Gossi, you're so... jump-to-conclusion-y :P They don't start shooting for 2 months, and New Mexico is up first I believe. Even if Michigan was first, that's plenty of time in movie-world to find new locations. From the article it sounds like they hadn't locked anything down yet in Michigan anyway.

For those who are interested: They've been shooting camera tests lately with the Red Epic (bleh) on 3D rigs (bleh) and just hired a DIT (part of the Camera Dept when shooting HD) for the New Mexico portion of the shoot. I know him and also know (barely) the 1st AC. If I hear of anything big changing I'll let you guys know
Aha! I didn't know New Mexico was first.
Missouri is open and willing. :)
And Arizona has Camp Verde and Sedona.
I hope the 3D tests are successful. Joss is the dude who can show Hollywood how to make 3D serve the story, and superheroes are natural for 3D effects. (Still will see Cabin in the Woods in 2D, since that's how it was shot.)
Well, Toronto's always up for pretending to be New York, Detroit, Chicago or other northern cities...besides itself, I mean. Though that's getting a bit better ;)
I'm actually a little shocked. I thought it was pretty clear that productions who had already secured tax breaks would be okay and it didn't seem like The Avengers were that far off from confirming theirs. Bah. I expect a lot of the local studios will shut down, too, so there go more jobs. Thanks a lot, Snyder.
That's too bad for Michigan. It would have been cool to see Avengers in Detroit.

I really don't want The Avengers to be in 3D. But if anyone can do it well, it's Joss.
Sadly, those in the Michigan legislation who have been against the film incentive from the very beginning have perpetuated the lie that it was making the state lose money.

Not only was it creating jobs, but an independent study that was released today showed that for every $1 the state payed out from the incentive, it created $6 in new income.

Failed leadership on an epic scale. As a Michigan resident that works in the industry, they just ensured I'll be leaving.
Frankly, although I don't live in Michigan and I'm only speculating based upon the prevailing trend, I would guess that the situation has as much to do with the fact that "Hollywood" tends to support Democratic candidates as it does with (bad) economic decisions.

Too bad for Michigan, as I know how much the region needs something like this that would actually create jobs and stimulate business.

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