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February 21 2011

Tim Minear is a consulting producer on NBC's 'REM' pilot. Deadline reports that Jason Isaacs will star in it.

I swapped round the headline and entry to make it more relevant for those who subscribe via RSS etc.
Ooh... Tim Minear and Howard Gordon. And mysterious dream states. Interesting.
It's the end of the world as we know it!
Er, call me ignorant. What does a "consulting producer" do exactly? And how does it differ from all those other producer credits? I get confused. The creator is generally the executive producer, right? I know, vaguely, that a lot of what a producer does is "make it happen" with the logistics and all... So what would be in it for Tim besides cashy money and forging business ties? (No small things, I know.) I just figure he'd want to be in the creating end of things or maybe even creating something of his own. (I think I seem to fuzzily recall that he has something in the works...)

Also--cool sounding project!
You can still be creatin' whilst a consulting producer.
In TV Land, isn't a producer frequently a writer? And a consulting producer brought in to, among other duties, charge up the writer's room?
Doesn't it mean he is a producer but not on the actual writing/show staff, because of money and contracts and all that stuff. Kinda like a side gig. I thought it meant people who work more "freelance" with their time than a normal producer has to be.
What does a "consulting producer" do exactly?

It's like a consulting detective. Tim Minear is essentially Sherlock Holmes for NBC.
Tim Minear is essentially Sherlock Holmes for NBC.

Now if only he'd answer to that moniker...
The show sounds pretty good actually. Which obviously means it won't make it to series.

Also, is it just me or was this article horribly written?
This is great news. Kyle Killen did Lone Star this season, which was on track to be my favorite new show before it was unceremoniously Fox-canned. I have high hopes for this.

Interesting that they've attached Tim as a consulting producer before it's even gone to series.
Aye, I agree. Suspect it will go to series.

Love the concept.
More Minear is good.
I expect he'll stay consulting as long as there's a chance The Chicago Code will make it to season 2. To be honest, I'd rather see him on REM as I'm not that big a fan of police shows, but TCC is a pretty good one so ...

Edited due to writing 'expect' in my head and 'except' in comment.

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