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December 28 2003

Pushing the Edge in Network Programming. Article talks about Craig Erwich. He's the senior vice president of drama development at FOX and the direct report to Gail Berman.

Craig Erwich's rise through the network ranks has been a rather rapid process. At 36, he is in charge of all of Fox's programming, reporting directly to Fox Entertainment President Gail Berman.

"Craig is one of the most talented young executives working in television today," Berman says. "He has demonstrated a unique grasp of the creative process as well as tremendous leadership of our staff. Having one of those skills is a talent; having both is blessing."
While at Cannell, Erwich worked on such shows as USA Network's Renegade and Silk Stalkings as well as Fox's Profit, a show that many in Hollywood loved but that didn't stay on the network for long. At the production company, he learned "storytelling, how to work with writers, the importance of post-production and showmanship," he says, and he took all of that with him to Fox.

His work on Profit brought him in close contact with Fox executives, who lured him over to the network.
"His enthusiasm for a project is contagious. More importantly, at a time when networks are being accused of a certain sameness in terms of the shows they order, Craig is adventurous," says Gary Newman, president of Twentieth Century Fox Television. "It's no coincidence that distinctive, breakout shows such as 24 and Wonderfalls were developed under his watch."

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