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February 21 2011

Adrian Pasdar confirms rumor that Nathan Fillion is awesome. Former Heroes star Adrian Pasdar gushes on working with Nathan Fillion on Castle. Seems he might have a bit of a man-crush on `ol Captain Mal.

Adrian Pasdar and Nathan together? My little head might just explode!
What wonderful things he had to say about our Captain. Makes me happy.
Nice little interview.
Seems like his sense of humor would fit right in. I like the part where he mentions the five greatest men he has ever met, and said Fillion was six.
Great episode tonight! Gosh darn two-parters!

I don't know how to spoiler font here, so I'll just say Martha made me laugh out loud with one of her lines.

Lochlyn Munro looks so familiar, but I don't think I've seen anything he's been in; I might be remembering him from JAG, though.
ShadowQuest, the look Nathan gives the camera in reaction to her line is priceless.
Adrian is pretty. I'm in no matter what.
I'm really excited about the Nerdist episode with Nathan Fillion. It'll be sweet!
It should be noted that Mr. Pasdar is pretty awesome, too.
Serenity shout-out :_) Right side of pg., click on "Sneak Peeks 3.16, Setup" ... see second clip down. It's not spoilery.
Kudos to the Castle writing staff for their vast improvement in the procedural part of the stories this season.

However this week's plot believability was a bit strained IMO by

That said...those shits! I can't believe I have to wait until next week to find out what happens! Accuracy, smaccuracy. Who cares? Damn good storytelling! :D

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