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February 21 2011

Voting open for the CSTS 2011 Official Artwork Contest. Go check out the entries, and vote for your favorite. Voting Closes March 6, 2011 11:59 PM PST.

There are ten entries this year for the artwork for posters, t-shirts, flyers, buttons, etc. for Can't Stop the Serenity 2011.

Thank you to the artists who submitted an entry! It takes a lot of time and passion to create these, I know. Hats off!

I love the tree one. It's different and visually gorgeous. I would wear that on a tshirt any day of the week. But I think that many men would not
I vote for number three all the way. It has all the relevant info and conveys that sense of ongoing, unstoppable optimism. Plus I like to think of it as a sky written(?) "nine." : )
I voted for number three as well. The other ones were good too, but 3 was by far the strongest.
Number three for sure - simplest, cleanest, most effective. It'll work big & small and on the various kinds of materials needed.

There's portions of the others that I really like, but #3 has it all... I'm always picky about the collateral typefaces, and they could maybe use some tweaking, but overall, it's the most successful.
A skywritten nine? Not the 6 that it is?
I'm torn for all the entries, they all so good. Push come to shove, I may jump up and down and scream!
Yep, voted for 3. Most aesthetically pleasing.
o/` In other words flyyyyyyyyyy. o/`
A skywritten nine? Not the 6 that it is?

Yep. I can tell it's a six. But it also looks like a nine and since there is no "up" in the sky really, in my wacked out brain it can double as a vague-type tribute/reference to all nine of them. Which is pleasing to me, due to the offings and all... *sigh*
My favorite was 3, as well. I especially like the design in the compact, circular format.
I like #8. Love the Kaylee parasol love. #3 looks too much like last year's for my taste.
Voted for number 3. But i also like number 7.
I think number 7 is gorgeous and would buy it on anything with a slightly different layout, however my vote goes to #3

It's bold, clear, not too artsy to read and inspiring! Totally want that on a T-shirt!
no 3 for the win! I am going to assume it's by the same person who has done the logos previously, else there is potential copyright issues as it is rather similar to the 2009 design.

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