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February 21 2011

Charisma Carpenter cloned. Moviehole has details about her new movie "Deadly Sibling Rivalry".

SMG and Charisma both set to play identical twins in upcoming projects? hmm........
The plot also sounds suspiciously like the SMG project, no? Or maybe I remember it wrong...
All i know is two is better than we got two sets of doubles!! Mind officially blown!
That headline is rather shocking at first glance...
Agreed, nonbeliever. This is as disappointing as it was to Demetri Martin when his mother told him that the babysitter he'd be staying with was "a cat-person."
The "twin who picks up her sister's life" story is a fairly well-used one. I know there was some trashy book made into a TV movie back in the 80s; "Law & Order SVU" centered an episode around Russian twins and a sex ring.

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