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February 22 2011

Minor Firefly reference on Castle last night. Right after the the opening.

"You haven't heard of the Serenity"


I absolutely giggled when Martha said the name of the resort/spa.

I'm hoping in "Knockdown" (The conclusion next week) she says something about "Once you've been in Serenity, you never leave." That'd be of the awesome.
Loved loved it.

I also loved Castle's Indiana Jones line.
I was watching the entire run of Smallville, so I missed all my shows over the past few months. I decided to watch the newest episode of Castle on a whim today (there are no spoilers for that show), and ended up catching a fantastic episode.

I particularly loved Adrian as a guest star, he played his part so well. A lot of the early directing and imagery was great, especially the security guy finding the cab. That was brilliant. It had this whole, "calm before the storm/this is where it begins" moment that was very surreal and visceral.
Nathan has a very expressive face - you can hear his thoughts in the tent, and when Martha was telling him about her getaway.

I was half expecting him to scream when he lifted the lid on the crate, just to keep w/the Raiders moment. He's such a big geek!

It's no Firefly, but it's good to see our Cap'n on a weekly basis.
Am I the only one who, at that moment, in their head heard Morena correcting Martha? "It's just Serenity."
I heard it too :P I'm glad I'm not the only one!
Granted its filmed on a television, but here is the clip on YouTube. At least I think that's the clip. Funny nonetheless.
Am I the only one who was thinking about the green apples? I think there was a reference on a blooper reel or a wrap party clip or something with him saying, "How do you like them apples?" whilst showing off his naked behind during the series. Am I reaching? LOL

I LOVED the Serenity reference!! Keep up that great writing you wonderful writers!

And how awesome was the epidsode last night?! Lookin' forward to next week's episode big time!
mongorules Good catch! I was wondering about the apples myself last night - all these Granny Smiths just sitting out on the counter. He picks one up, polishes it, and is about to take a bite when Martha tells him about her getaway plans.

And for the record, I like them apples just fine, Mr. Fillion. Just fine, indeed.
Scoffing at Gravity and I were totally delighted by the Serenity reference! Delighted!
When Castle is good, it's very good indeed. And seems to just get better. As for Nathan himself, he is simply perfect .... always. :_)
Is it bad that I only remembered to watch Castle on Hulu after seeing this headline? :P

Loved the reference just as much when it came up, though. ^-^ I'm so excited now for the resolution next week!
I loved it. My wife and I looked at each other and laughed after hearing Martha say it. It was a great moment.
Funny nod, perfectly weighted as usual from 'Castle'. Not a bad episode either particularly since there may be light at the end of the seemingly interminable "will they/won't they" tunnel. Course, it's probably the oncoming train of season 4 but a guy can hope ;).

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