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February 22 2011

Joss' alma mater dissects his work alongside the Greek classics and more. The Wesleyan Argus reports on a student-run forum entitled "CCIV 420: Defining Heroism: From Antiquity to the Astonishing X-Men" which examines how the narratives of the classics can be compared with modern-day comic books.

Two things:

1: Two thumbs up.
2: There's a rabbit on his back. Two thumbs up.

That may be three.
I'm counting at least four, gossi. Thumbs, anyway.
I miss Joss' Astonishing X-Men, it got me buying single issues again. Plus it was good. I really enjoyed the third arc.
As a graduate of Classical Studies I absolutely approve of this, beyond my usual approval rate! This is a good day for the ancients. Also seeing as my alma mater is trying to get rid of Classics and media studies I'm glad others are fusing them the way they should be!
I miss college.

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