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February 23 2011

'Smile Time' Writer/Director to tackle 'Supernatural' Ben Edlund gets praise for his 'Angel' work before his directorial debut on 'Supernatural'.

He is writer and director for the May 6th episode entitled 'The Man Who Would Be King'.

Seems odd that hasn't directed an episode before this. More Edlund is always a good thing.
Can't wait. He's so talented and his penned episodes of Supernatural are among the greats.
He also worked on Point Plesant with Marti Noxon, but only as a writer. Other than Angel he has directed a short. And yes, I agree, more Edlund on anything is a bonus, although I don't watch this show at all, I may just start now...
I'm kinda surprised that Smile Time is what he's famous for. This is the man that created The Tick! Between the comic book and the Saturday morning TV show, The Tick has made Ben Edlund a living legend.
BlueSkies: Ben Edlund's episodes are the reason I still watch "Supernatural." As a series, it's decent. It's got it's over-wrought episodes and some downright bad ones; but Edlund's episodes are genius on nitrous oxide.

Also, when I think of his penultimate episode for Joss's series, I think of "Jaynestown."

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The Tick was epic, but I guess when they wanna attract a more recent genre crowd, especially for this show they're probably gonna aim at the Whedonverse people. If they're watching for Edlund(like Nebula here) then all good, but to attract more genre fans, then mention Joss.
Thanks for the advice Nebula, I'll be sure to itunes the back catalogue, wait a minute, that's how many seasons?! Are there cliff notes?
Supernatural? I dip in and out and constantly find it hard. I like lots of the writing but it never clicks for me. I fully recommend watching it from the beginning though, Edlund episodes in particular are fairly mythos-y. They are on the sixth season, the series creator stopped show-running After 5 (his original plan) so 6 continues the characters lives but the story is slightly refocused.
Supernatural has always been a favorite show of mine. I have never paid much attention to the writers, I just really love the characters. I am still waiting for a James Marsters guest spot, that would be awesome.
I recently watched through all the first 5 seasons of Supernatural on DVD, and to me the quality is easily on par with Buffy and Angel. It's a bit darker than Buffy, and definitely (especially in the first season) scarier. The writing is very strong, great dialog, great acting, and the show has some of the best comedy episodes of a dramatic series I've seen (many thanks to our Mr. Edlund.) Highly recommended!
Ben Edlund directing and writing. To which I say, "Yahoo!" ("Ben, the man they call Ben ...")
I like to tell people that Supernatural is heir to the Buffy/Angel throne. Season 6 has been strong because it allowed Jared to do a completely different take on the character. Season 5 is a tough act to follow though

I love that Supernatural's soundtrack is so different and a key element to the show's feel. I would also agree that it has had scarier moments than Buffy/Angel. It also explores family and relationships among males in interesting ways. Lastly, I love how meta it gets at times, which we will see again this Friday

Edlund is great, looking forward to this

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