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February 23 2011

25 Things You Don't Know About Eliza Dushku. According to

Number 7: "Aggressive interaction is quite comfortable for me."

Mother Teresa is albaian?!? Wait, this was about Eliza...
Didn't know she had a birth mark.

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Nope, most of that i think is public knowledge.
Yeah, this entire feature is totally misnamed, only about 18 of those were things I didn't know about her.

Conclusive proof that if you're a celebrity then coming up with 25 things that aren't known about you (but that you don't mind being known) may well mean scraping the barrel slightly.
I liked this, I thought it'd be the regular "she starred as a popular vampire slayer opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar" but there were some funny bits in there mixed with the normal.
It's funny that she likes doing video game voice overs so her nephews can play her because Chuck Norris doesn't do video game voice overs, because no one plays Chuck Norris...
I think Enver Gjokaj should be added to the list of Albanian national treasures, too, just for the record!

Nice list.. I'm a secret vocabulary junkie, too! Nice to see we have something in common.
19. I'm afraid of mosquitoes.

Totally agree.

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