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February 23 2011

(SPOILER) Steven S. DeKnight talks 'Spartacus' with IGN. Steven, along with stars Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah, discuss what to expect from Season 2.

The final episode of the prequel mini-series 'Gods of the Arena' airs this Friday on Starz.

Gods of the Arena has been really good, I can't wait for the finale tomorrow. John Hannah and Lucy Lawless have been consistently amazing, and just like the first season of BaS each new episode of GotA throws in huge surprises. You really never know what is going to happen next, and I LOVE that. It will be such a grueling wait for new episodes!
I've always enjoyed Lucy Lawless' performances, but she's truly stunning this season! Spartacus went from being terrible at the beginning to being an amazing show at this point. It reminds me of Torchwood in that aspect.
It's a really interesting show - it went from a so-so silly first episode in season one to, thirteen episodes later, being this amazing show talking about slavery, human rights, human wrongs... I mean, that scene where a boy gets stabbed in 1x13 is pure horrible brilliance. Great storytelling.
Gods of the Arena proved to me what a good actor Manu Bennett is. To go from what he was in Spartacus, the super-confident champion of the Ludus to an ignorant Gaul who had to learn how to fight, who discovered a passion to be on top? It's been pretty awesome. It struck me that Batiatus and his wife are sort of like The Mafia. They can plot and kill relatives and strangers for business and personal gain if need be, and yet exhibit great caring and love for others. It's always a rather chilling and odd thing to watch.
Also, I kinda love watching their great tenderness, loyalty, and love to each other.
Oh yes, that too!
And their evil. I love it when they get their evil on.
It's always a rather chilling and odd thing to watch.

Definitely. Sort of like the Mayor, except not as hygienic.

I'm home sick & watched the whole mini-series in the last two days (thank you Netflix!). Great stuff, and although I'm not that observant of details, at least character-wise, the continuity is excellent. Seems like you could easily watch this before Blood & Sand and it would feel seamless. Not always the case with prequels.
And Lucy Lawless is breathtaking.
I have to admit that I do some fast-forwarding, though. The plot and characters are so interesting that I get bored with the spectacle aspect of the show.
I don't fast forward, but I do kinda zone out a little during some of the matches... may be the gore factor that squicks me some. Can you tell I'm not American? The graphic sex doesn't bother me, but slice a jugular, and I'm squeamish.

And definitely not as hygienic as the Mayor. I remember watching Batiatus using the public toilets and kinda dry heaved a little at what that must have smelled like. And the Mayor liked his ladies "proper," though he does like them proficient at the stabbing and maiming.

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