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February 24 2011

Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg & David Fury taking part in adult writing panels. These panels are taking place Sundays in March in Los Angeles. The moderator is Ben Blacker, of The Thrilling Adventure Hour fame (among others). David Fury is on 3/13, and Jane and Drew on 3/27. Tickets are $12.00.

Email received:

Are you a writer, a would-be writer, or just a fan of television? Ben Blacker produces and moderates a series of TV Writing Panels to benefit 826LA.

Every Sunday evening in March, Blacker sits down with a panel of TV industry professionals to talk about writing, television, and writing television.

This series has a terrific line-up including Damon Lindelof (co-creator, Lost), Dan Harmon (creator, Community), Steve Levitan (co-creator, Modern Family), Jane Espenson (Buffy, Caprica, Torchwood), John Enbom (co-creator, Party Down), Drew Z. Greenberg (Buffy, Warehouse 13), David Fury (Lost, 24), Jen Kirkman (Perfect Couples), Jeff Greenstein (Friends, Desperate Housewives) & LOTS MORE!

Love to go something like this.
I don't write but I would love to go to this.
Oh man, some really really fantastic writers there. I hope these are recorded.
That's a helluva line-up. Is there likely to be a recording of this (audio or video) ? Because i'd part with folding money, just sayin'.

(where does the 'adult' part come into it though ? Writing for adults ? By adults ?)
Um, whoa. At first I thought, "Jane, Drew, and David? Well, 36 bucks ain't so bad for that."

But holy crap at that lineup. I'm going to lose so much money in March.
You all noticed how restrained I was in not making any 'Adult Writing' jokes, right? :)
Hahaha, bad choice of words! I would change it, but I think I like it better this way. :-D
I think you've grown zeitgeist ;).
Want to be there.

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