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February 24 2011

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion talks about lack of Castle promotion. He says "I dropped 60 bucks on the lottery [recently], I didn't win. But if I did, my plan was to buy some commercials for Castle so you couldn't watch TV without seeing one". Spoilerish for an upcoming episode. ETA: View the TV Guide video for the interview here.

It's time for!
I think it's a shame, it does seem to have a keen following and I thought it was a reasonable ratings grabber? It may not ever do NCIS numbers but it does have charm.
Haha. I don't think you can have a show like this and be genre show buzzy though. Being comfortable is a part of the character-procedural's DNA.
Between this and Firefly, Mr. Fillion certainly has a lot of plans for that lottery cash should he win ;D
With a season-to-date average of 10.4 million viewers, the quirky crime procedural is such a reliable performer in its Mondays-at-10pm time slot that, in January, ABC execs gifted its cast and crew with an early renewal for Season 4.

And they are worried about awareness why now?
My wife and I enjoy watching Castle, but frankly we'd enjoy Captain Mal and his colorful crew a whole lotta more. :-)
Someoneinvolvedwithfirefly just tweeted they would definitely drop everything they're doing and watch a Castle commercial right now!
My biggest problem with Castle is that I don't think they are living up to its potential. The idea that he is a writer working with the cops is actually a really fascinating opportunity for unique storytelling, but the way they do it, he is basically just another cop who happens to talk about irony a lot.

I'd like to see them really get into how a writer's perspective is different from an actual cop's perspective and how that unique way of looking at things could really help solve a case in unorthodox ways.
I think someone should do a '25 things you didn't know Nathan Fillion would do if he won the lottery.' article...
The pilot had (to me) a pretty interesting thread about our need to force events to fit a narrative and how real life didn't always work out like that but they dropped that pretty quickly. Castle was also a bit less likable in the pilot (still a basically good man but with kind of a callousness too), that also went pretty quickly. As with a lot of US network TV, they shaved off its interesting edges and left a watchable, fun procedural but nothing more. Shame really.

Really hope it's a roll-over the week he wins BTW, otherwise he may have Sophie's choice to make.

And 10.4 million on a Monday ? Doesn't really need promoting does it ?
Well, in Hollywood you're only as good as your last 10 million viewers. My vote (should I get one) is that the lottery dough is won by a bunch of actors who aren't on a hit recently-renewed-for-a-4th-season-TV-show. They probably really need the money.
The issue may be that Castle is doing pretty well without much promotion, so folks are wondering why ABC doesn't invest some money in promotion in the hopes of getting it up to the numbers (and ad revenues) that 2-1/2 Men makes. Which is apparently is so much money that no one involved in that lame show will ever fire Charlie Sheen. Not for holding a knife to his wife's throat, not for getting caught with a bunch of hookers and cocaine, not for telling a bunch of college students that crack can be OK if you only do a little of it.
I think that some of what he has said here is to signal everyone to take a step back and calm down about his earlier off the cuff statement about winning the lottery. He doesn't want to insult his very enthusiastic (and probably fairly new) fans, so he's approaching it this way. A good move, I think.
Ah, Charlie Sheen. Lioness - I think this interview was done a while ago.

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As Lioness said, this does sound like Nathan's way of distancing himself from the 'Help Nathan Fillion Buy Firefly' campaign.
Oh. My. God. I can't believe I just read that Charlie Sheen link. Can you imagine having to get up in the morning and go work with that guy? I feel sad for his fellow cast and crew.
If gossi is right about the timing of interviews, it simply means this is Nathan's Barenaked Ladies ("If I had a million dollars...") go-to line.
This interview was done a while ago so those saying it's "damage control" are off base.

If you go up to 10 random people and ask them if they watch Castle they'll go "What?" because they've never heard of it.. THAT's why it needs more promoting - seriously - try it, 10 random people...go!
Esin, you can do that with 99% of all TV shows. Today's TV audiences are completely fragmented.
Well, the new TV Guide Magazine print edition (for Feb. 28-Mar. 6) is out with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic AND a bit "Castle" spoiler on the cover, so at least he doesn't need to spend the lottery money on print advertising ... :)
Esin, your random people aren't like mine who seem to all be fans of 'Castle' (admittedly mine are a lot of older women). I'm surprised to hear that Nathan is worried about 'Castle' promotion: since they've already been picked up for next year, and the books have hit the NY Times Best Sellers List (and I've enjoyed the books a lot).

I haven't been able to find the latest TV Guide (with 'Castle' on the cover) but I'm still looking for it!
I think its Nathan's way of showing the reaction to Castle commercial reference does not hold weight to the firefly quote and therefore the latter should be reconsidered instead of the former (which is still on the air).

Shouldn't that be ?
There's probably some concern because the new show Harry's Law is doing rather well for NBC, so they may feel that three crime procedurals on simultaneously might split the viewership further. Although IMO Harry's Law won't attract the same viewer demos.

I also agree that it's probably a means to promo Castle after all of the Firefly buzz, while striking when the TV Guide cover and article are on the newsstands.
"Harry's Law" wasn't reviewed that well IIRC, just goes to show predicting hits is hard. Still, multiple procedurals doesn't seem to have hurt CBS right ?

Esin, your random people aren't like mine who seem to all be fans of 'Castle' (admittedly mine are a lot of older women).

Esin may have meant the other random (the one with no discernible pattern ;).

Dunno about 99% but i'd say maybe 80-90% of the TV I watch draws blank stares when I mention it to people. As with embers though, these are mainly people I know so not exactly random.
Harry's Law isn't really doing that well either - it can only really be viewed as a 'success' when seen through the lens of the rather poor state of NBC at the moment. If you just look at total viewers Harry's Law may seem close to Castle but there's almost a 1 point difference when it comes to the big money demo.
Poor mainstream taste maybe, but NBC have some of the best network shows on air. Friday Night Lights is hardly there, but that happened; Parks and Recreation, Community, Parenthood, Chuck... They have quite a few duds but the shows they do well, they do really well.
Jaymii I should clarify I was talking just about ratings which have never been a proxy for the quality of a show.
That's what stinks about lotteries, your chances are way too low.

I agree that some shows never seem to get the advertising they need. The networks expect them to suceed but refuse to let people know they exist.

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