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February 25 2011

Morena Baccarin gets nominated for a Saturn Award. She's up for "Best Supporting Actress in Television". Avengers actors Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo got nominated for Best Actor (Iron Man 2) and Best Supporting Actor (Shutter Island).

Sorry, but V isn't a good show and those terrible Chroma Key effects make it worst.
Good luck to Jennifer Carpenter and Lucy Lawless
V isn't a good show but there was a certain scene in this week's episode where Morena chilled me the hell out of me. It was where
Morena does a good job with what she's given though Lucy Lawless would get my own vote of that list (closely followed by Jennifer Carpenter). Been considering dropping 'V', it doesn't really seem to be improving.

Have to side with SFX though, what's the point of the Saturns if they're just a kind of low-rent Oscars ? I mean, 'The American', 'Salt', 'True Grit' FFS ?? Morbidly curious to hear the SF&F/horror case made for those.

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