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February 25 2011

NY Times Arts Beat interview with Eliza Dushku. "The Lady Is a Champ: Eliza Dushku Goes a Few Rounds With Fight Night Champion".

She's a warm and witty one.
She do speak words good, fer sure.

Interesting that the character doesn't really look like Eliza (to me anyway), there's a resemblance but it's not like they just mapped her face directly. Might be weird/cool seeing another face with Eliza's expressions, wonder how well she'll come through ?
Too bad I don't have one of those gaming consoles. I would enjoy watching her (and "her") performance.
The title alone makes me happy.

Back in the day, when Joss was already off the project and we were working on “Dollhouse,” he was like, “You know, Eliza, you’re a Wonder Woman in your own way, but I don’t quite see an Amazon woman when I look at you.”


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