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February 25 2011

It's Alexis Denisof's Birthday (sweet tweet from Alyson to celebrate). She wrote: "Happy Birthday to my favorite man, husband & father!!!! (I'm talking about Alexis in case you were wondering)". Happy Birthday Alexis!

Cool, he shares a birthday with a Beatle, George Harrison!
Happy Birthday to our favorite rogue demon hunter!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday "Wesley". May you and "Willow" enjoy today in style, with many smiles and fond memories in the making.
Happy Birthday, Alexis Denisof!
Simon, you absolutely made my day with that link. As I am new to the verse, I am still clueless about alot of great little tidbits. Happy fangirl here! Thx.

PS. Of course, Happy Birthday Alexis! (and George too)

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Happy birthday Alexis, all the best! I hope that you enjoy this day with your family.
Even in the 80s the man was awesome.
Geez I'm jealous my bday too but no message from Ally(;
Happy Birthday ...
(I believe George was Yesterday, somewhere it's wrongly listed as today)
They were both yesterday, depending on where you are in the world ;).

(apparently there was long-standing confusion about that since he was born around midnight between the 24th and 25th. IMDB says just before midnight, other sources say just after, on balance it seems to be that it was the 25th and then he himself found out it was actually the 24th quite late on)

Even in the 80s the man was awesome.

And already displaying the steely resolve that'd stand him in good stead as a rogue demon hunter.

Happy birthday Mr Alexis Denisof esq. and many more.
Still the 25th here ... so Happy Birthday to Alexis (and you too demon magnet) ... and my daughter. She's 24 today :)
Happy Birthday Alexis!
awwww she's sweet :) and happy bday.
Many happy returns!
A belated happy birthday to my favorite rogue demon hunter! Best wishes to Alexis!

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