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"Mr. Dominic, get this man a refrigerator."
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February 27 2011

The man they call Jayne turns 49 today! Happy Birthday to Adam Baldwin.

Joyous salutations to the Hero of Canton!
Break out the Mudder's Milk-it's time to party :) Happy Birthday, Adam!
Seriously? He looks damn good for his age! Happy birthday, Adam!
Happy Birthday, Adam!
Happy birthday Adam. Cannot wait to meet you at Phoenix Comic Con!
Ahh... the awesomnity of agelessness.
Aww. My bodyguard was 31 years ago. Although I don't agree with his politics I think Adam Baldwin is someone I would love to have as a neighbor. And that helps me have hope for our country. Happy Birthday, amigo.
I had no idea he was this old. He looks daaamn fine. Happy birthday dude!
This deserves 49 classic Casey grunts!

The guy does look amazing for his age

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