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February 27 2011

Voting now open for the Whedon Oscars! Vote on Best Picture, acting, writing, directing, costume design and cinematography. Voting closes at 7 pm EST.

That was fun :)
'twas indeedy!
Best Supporting Actor was painful. James Marsters is still my first choice, but I really wanted to vote for every one of them.
So... the Whoscars?
'Twas excruciating. Ugh! The choices! The looking at the results part was fun though. : ) My choices just might have been a wee bit skewed by the fact that I've been re-watching Firefly and have been blown away by it all over again...
Whescars might be more likely to get sponsorship from a certain cat food manufacturer.

Actress in a Supporting Role was very tough (went with Amy for 'A Hole in the World' in the end but most of the rest were a very close joint second place). Wonder why, given it had so many other nominations, 'Out of Gas' didn't appear as an option in 'Best Picture' (went with NFA but OoG would probably have pipped it if it appeared) ?
Thanks for the suggestions & for voting! I tried to mix it up, so we didn't get exactly the same results as last year, but will take notes & save any new nominations for next year's awards.
whyiwatch, perhaps adding a "Best Composer" category next year?
Oooh, good call eddy ! That'd be another total bugger of a vote between, what, Greg Edmonson, Christophe Beck, Rob Duncan, Thomas Wanker... anyone else ? Tough.
You forgot Robert J Kral!
I don't think "Lies My Parents Told Me" was among James's best performances (not compared to "Fool for Love", "After Life" or "Beneath You"), but I voted for him out of loyalty anyway. Very hard choices all around.
The Supporting Actor was especially difficult. How can one possible choose between those great performances?
I'm surprised "Serenity" didn't show up in the "Best Picture" category. THAT would have made the choice much more difficult. The supporting actor and actress categories were especially painful. They were all equally great.
Done and done! Some of those were meanly tricky...
I can't vote! 'cause I haven't seen all the episodes of all of Joss's shows. And it wouldn't be fair for me to just vote for the ones I have seen, because maybe when I get to see "that other episode" I'll like it better.

Best Composer:

Christophe(r) Beck
Thomas Wanker
Douglas Romayne (Stevens)
Rob Duncan
Robert J. Kral
Greg Edmonson

Then you've got the "guest composers" like Shawn K. Clement and Sean Murray (Buffy season 2), Adam Fields (Buffy 2.02), Joss Himself, and of course Nerf Herder and Darling Violetta.

Anyone have any idea what the track "No Sacrifice" by Alex Kharlamov would be from? The only information I could get from his site was "Angel Ep. 15." Umm...which season?? The track is no longer available on his site, unfortunately. ( is where I found the link originally.)
Thanks, ShadowQuest & (everyone else) for the new suggestions! Perhaps we need Best Original Score & Best Original Song categories? Any & all nominations are welcome & saved for next year. Perhaps by then I'll be able to do things more than 24hrs in advance, so we can actually have a nomination process ;)
Hey whyiwatch - if you do "Best Original Song" won't you have to find out which songs were written specifically for the show? Like Angie Hart's "Blue" was written (or co-written) by Joss for "Conversations With Dead People." And what would you do in the case of every single song from "Once More, With Feeling"? Then there's "I'll Be Mrs," aka Anya's Lost Song from "Selfless" which was shown in a OMWF flashback.

Or you could do "Songs That Debuted on the Show," I suppose, but again, you'd have to know which songs.

You could have "Best Featured Band" - Four Star Mary (aka Dingoes Ate My Baby), Superfine, Velvet Chain...

Then there's "Best Guest Villain" and "Best Recurring Villain."

Oh, dear. And I just thought of "Most Dramatic Episode," "Best Hair/Make-up," and "Best Death Scene." Not really sure on that last one - I mean, is Joyce's death "better" than Tara's? Maybe "Most Dramatic Death" is better. It is Joss, after all.

"Funniest Line Spoken in the Heat of Battle"? Naah.

I don't envy you one bit.
The hardness of choosing.... argh... my head hurts!
Especially supporting actor, Had to go with my Marsters, but, REALLY loved Alexis in whole in the world.

That was fun. I agree, we need more cats.
I wish this was a pool - I would have won. :) And that was with picking from the heart. Maybe I'm not as out of step in the fandom as I thought. :)
You know, Christophe Beck did a really good job with Cedar Rapids. That was a most enjoyable soundtrack.
It's the Joscars! Hard, difficult, head-banging choices! I did choose Alexis for A Hole in the World. Thanks and I look forward to more!
OK, Joscars is my current king of the hill names wise (even though it's unlikely to lead to cat food sponsorship).
Wow. This was awesome! And really tough...

Especially Supporting Actor. I ended up going with Fran Kranz in Epitaph One because he broke my heart in that episode. Almost went with Alan Tudyk for Briar Rose because he was so awesome in that. As for the other actors, I don't think the episodes picked were necessarily their strongest performances, so I wasn't that conflicted about it. (Although if it had been James Marsters in Fool For Love, then I would have had some problems.)

This was totally fun. Thanks for putting it together!
I wanted to vote for everyone in the Supporting Actress category. Really close, but I eventually went for Dichen. In most of the other categories I voted for the person who was ahead.

So can this double as our Oscar watching thread? Come on The Social Network! ;)
Joscars is great fun - thanks to whyiwatch for organizing it! Although, as many people mentioned, it was hard to make a choice, especially in acting department. Joss finds incredible actors and he evokes their best perfomances.
Way too hard. Certainly much harder than it was for me to compile a list of likely real Oscar winners. Contentious picks/moments of madness:

Best Director:
Jonathan Frakes - How can I not pick the big guy for this one? Well, Once More With Feeling is one of my favourite episodes of Buffy, but I wouldn't say it really showed Joss's directing ability, although his writing is shown in full force. If it had of been Restless or The Body then I would have had to go for him, with out a doubt. Objects in Space would be a very, very close second, but I decided to go with the underdog on this one.

Actress in a Supporting Role:
Amy Acker as Dr. Saunders in 'Vows' - Great Scott! How is she bottom for this one? Perhaps it is just because of my very high expectations for A Hole in the World not being met, but I would definitely rate her performance as Saunders in the scenes between her and Topher throughout season 2 of Dollhouse as being the best she has ever done. Engrossing, thought provoking and gut wrenching stuff.

Actor in a Supporting Role:
Fran Kranz as Topher in 'Epitaph: One' - Impossible category to pick from. I'm only fortunate you didn't include Anthony Head as Giles in 'Passion' or Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in any season 3 Angel episode. I went with Fran Kranz in the end, although it could have been any of the other Dollhouse picks (bar Reed Diamond.) Alexis Denisof and James Marsters are great in those episodes, phenomenal even, but I've seen them do better at other times.

Lisa Wiegand, Dollhouse: 'The Attic' - I have absolutely no idea why I picked this. I think I must have panicked (not to taking anything away from this episode, which is one of my favourite Dollhouse episodes and it does look fantastic.) Looking at it again, I just can't decide between the two Buffy episodes and Out of Gas. Guess I've got to pick one, so let's say 'Restless.' ... No 'The Body.' Definitely 'The Body.'

Best Picture:
Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog - I love all of the picks, but I have to go for the Dr. for this particular category. This is a complete package, whilst the others work best with the rest of the series backing them up. Viewing each as a single entity, this really delivers excellently.
Amy Acker in Dollhouse 'Vows'... Just amazing. I couldn't love that scene more without marrying it. And UK law means I can't marry a TV show. Bigots.

[ edited by gossi on 2011-02-28 00:46 ]
Dang those laws, always so forbidden!
I didn't see this until it was all over. Oh well guess I'll go and see who won.
Kudos to WhyIWatch for putting this together and making the categories so difficult to pick. It was much more fun participating - from a spectator point of view - in the Whedonoscars/Josscars, than the brief glimpses I had of THE Oscars and Zach's Mind did a wonderful job of 'red carpet' and behind-the-scenes commentary.

vandelay, I also picked Amy Acker in "Vows" as best supporting actress and Fran Kranz in "Epitaph 1" as best supporting actor, although if James Marsters had been nominated for "Beneath You", I would have had a very tough time deciding. And I picked Lisa Wiegand for cinemotography for "The Attic" as well. Having just finished a rewatch of Dollhouse, that episode and it's amazing visuals was fresh in my mind.

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