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February 28 2011

The Avengers to be filmed on a Hellmouth? Looks like fans in Cleveland, OH could be in for a treat.

Presumably the $40 million budget is a typo. Though it is Marvel after all.

Love the headline, and I haven't clicked on the article yet.
Well, that's interesting given that I just read this article today about "setbacks" in the Ohio film industry, including expiring tax credits. I remembered thinking as I read it, that it sounded just like the problems Michigan is having. Well, if it does turn out to be true... Cleveland's only two hours away!
Yay! I live in Cleveland.
I would have to think the $40 million figure he mentioned would refer to whatever phase of the project was to be filmed there, or what the economic impact on Cleveland would be, something along those lines. Unless Joss has decided to do most of the action sequences with Hot Wheels and puppets. Hey, we know he makes a mean puppet, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.
Were there any other Marvel movies that could have been considering Michigan down the line?

It's sort of weird that the governor seems to mention a single superhero. Granted he also mentions a cape so that's presumably an archaic riff rather than him being totally clueless about what project it is. I'd be pleased if they took Runaways off hold and secretly fast-tracked it though.
I was thinking Ant-Man, orangewaxlion but I think Edgar is still too wiped from Scott Pilgrim to finish that script (?) and start filming. And casting. ;p
I would visit. Yes I would. I would make a point to visit. WOO.

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