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December 30 2003

Bureau42 reviews the firefly DVD set. In total, Firefly: The Complete Series receives 41 out of 42.

Bureau42's judgement of the series is "Overall, this is a fantastic show. In my opinion, it's the second greatest television series of all time (behind American Gothic), and it deserved far, far better treatment than it was given. Find it. Buy it. Watch it. I give it 6 out of 6."

And the one point he took off was just because it wasn't finished. I'm still stunned that this show is gone, still mourning over it and when I watched the DVDs I had this sad feeling the entire time watching it because it had so much promise and it was even more evident watching them in order. I totally understood his comments about the set not being finished. I wish Fox had at least given Joss the full season so he could've wrapped up some of the dangling storylines. We know he would have because that is how he has always finished off Buffy and Angel each season. He always wrote them like they could be a series finale. Knowing how upsetting the cancellation was to me and my family and how angry we were I can't imagine how Joss Whedon feels and I can understand his drive to want to finish this story. It was just brilliant and I imagine it would've just kept getting better and better.
One thing that's bothered me is that there are supposed to be commentaries on the DVD.

I've checked each disc and I can't find the commentary option anywhere! I have all of the other extras.
Unbelievably, the commentaries are listed under the language selection. GUI horror.
This explains alot.

Thank you so much, prolific!
Joss' commentary on "Objects in Space" is incredible.
Agreed, J, it's the first time I felt compelled to listen. Usually he loses me with the constant wise cracking.
I enjoy his usual wisecracking, but Objects In Space required a different touch and Whedon's sensibilities were right on the money.
I just watched Trash yesterday, and I must award Nathan Fillion with the annual Golden Globes "Most Panache While Buck-Naked" award.

God, I was laughing as the episode closed. ("Zoe.... Mal's Jewish!")

And God, am I pissed at Fox.
For taking away the potential for more shots of half-naked cast and fully naked Mal? Yeah me too.

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