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February 28 2011

Nerdist Podcast with Nathan Fillion. "Nathan Fillion (a fine, fine fellow) makes us coffee, talks about his Canadian improv roots, an unmade pilot he wrote, getting Joss Whedon on Castle, and whether or not he's going to buy Firefly."

Ooh, finally! The Nerdist podcast has the best guests. Chris, Jonah and Mike are all fantastic hosts too - love this.
I've never listened to this show before, just listened to this one. It's a lot of fun! Jason Palmer and Adam Hughes both get shoutouts btw.
Been waiting on this one, the podcast usually has a good balance between being informative and funny and I agree they have great guests. The episodes with Matt Smith, Felicia Day and Maria Bamford were excellent.
Way to many hosts for me, you can't tell who's talking half the time.
As much as I love Nathan, these guys are tremendously annoying and shout all over him most of the time. Had to quit listening after a while.

And they swear too much, which seems a bit rude in someone else's home. Which also doesn't really jive with Nathan's polite personality. Maybe that's just me.
To be fair, its not Nathan Fillion with The Nerdist Podcast. It's their show and Chris Hardwick must have picked up the conversational interviewing technique from Craig Ferguson. I like the hosts, but it took me a good few episodes* to get them nailed down. They also interview a lot of comedians and they are usually quite outspoken themselves, so Nathan was fairly quiet in comparison. Hardwick has mentioned a couple of times his problem with talking about himself a lot but I think it makes it more real - people don't converse with only one side speaking.

faneater, I'm playing with fire here but I'm guessing you don't like Ricky Gervais' radio show and podcasts then? Haha!

Oh and I didn't notice the swearing?

(*Alison Brie was the first I've heard, I think. The Community cast rock!)
"faneater, I'm playing with fire here but I'm guessing you don't like Ricky Gervais' radio show and podcasts then? Haha!"

I've never actually listened to them lol. I don't catch many podcasts to be honest is it normal to have so many people all talking at once? Maybe I'm just getting old lol but I found it hard to keep up with everyone.
I'm not sure. I listen to the RG stuff a lot and during their radio shows, circa 2002, they occasionally read out the odd email that said they often speak over each other (along with Ricky's lack of finishing words and using sentences) but its something I've not noticed [much]. If you have any seen any improv-based shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm or It's Always Sunny its a big part of that too. Hmm.

I tend to go for this type over the more clearly-spoken stuff because I feel it invites you in to a more personal conversation. It's like hanging out with friends you don't know. :p
To be fair it got a lot better as it went on by the end it was understandable and enjoyable. It's just at the start it was a bit crazy.
While I'm fairly into Hardwick (he does work a bit more blue than I normally go for) now that I'm learning which voice is Matt Mira it turns out I really dig his sense of humor and/or delivery.

I actually really dig this podcast since aside from the occasional guest (really just Adam Carolla who makes me want to earnestly complain using phrases like "heteronormative" and "gender roles"). I either get to learn more about people I already liked or can listen to these people I'm less familiar with go into some of the nuances of what they're into, be it that productivity/self-actualization quiz Hardwick sometimes brings up or deconstructing stand-up, since that's the background a majority of the guests tend to have or be involved with.

The Wil Wheaton one was interesting since while I've pretty much only seen the guy in Stand by Me (...and Flubber), I've been aware of his geek-cred. He and Chris managed to basically spend an hour and a half talking about 20 year old in-jokes (and effectively locking out the two other co-hosts) yet it was still pretty funny.

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So what's the answer to

"getting Joss Whedon on Castle, "

"and whether or not he's going to buy Firefly."
Found the answer to Firefly question
Tabitha Smith wrote on SoCal Browncoat Group
"Great discussions about Firefly, the campaign to buy Firefly (short answer: he says the only way he'd do it is IF he won the money in the lottery). Very awesome episode."
So what was said about
"getting Joss Whedon on Castle, " ?

maybe Joss Whedon could play the director that Castle's first wife ran away with

maybe Joss Whedon could play the director of the movie "Heat Wave"

maybe car salesman...
I listened to the whole thing at work. Very funny, Nathan seemed to get more comfortable as the podcast went on and was making some great jokes and telling some cool stories

Chris Hardwick is nerdy to a fault, but I always enjoy his podcasts

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