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February 28 2011

(SPOILER) Preview for Illyria #4. Provided by Buffyfest. It comes out March 2, 2011.

Why does Buffyfest get the preview before anyone else? Weird.
Probably because they've established a pretty close working relationship with IDW (and Dark Horse). Also, I rarely see IDW's previews on anything other than Comic Book Resources and Comics Continuum, and they usually release those previews the day of, or the day before along with previews for just about every new book coming out, so it's easy to miss. Having Buffyfest publish it, tweet (and retweeted by others), and then having it linked here is a good way to get at a niched audience. Especially since the infrastructure for the fandom already exists.
The preview pages really look great and it looks like this series will have a big climax.
Why is that weird? They're a news site. My blog has premiered covers, previews, and random pages in the past. They likely get the previews because they ask for them.
Yes, probably the same reason other sites obtain previews, Enisy. Doesn't seem weird to me. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this series and all of the covers have been so impressive.

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