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February 28 2011

Airing Tonight: Tim Minear's Episode of The Chicago Code. "Cabrini Green", the fourth episode of The Chicago Code, airs tonight on FOX. Writers Tim Minear and Jon Worley will be doing a Twitter Q&A on the show, which you can check out by following @TheChicagoCode.

This show just keeps getting better and better. Excited that tonight's is Minear-penned in part. Will be saving these tweets in a special place. Ahem.
I'm a huge Shawn Ryan fan, but I've been pretty disappointed with this show so far. Feels like a poor mans excuse for The Wire. Still, it's better than most cops shows on tv right now and more Minear is always a good thing.
Pretty interesting episode, despite my not being a fan of most cop shows. I'm hoping I get more into it as time goes on, because I know Shawn, Tim, Jon, and many of the other writers are great with character arcs. Hopefully it'll be on the air long enough for that to happen. (I'm a committed believer in Tim's jinxiness, would love for all of us skeptics to be proven wrong! ;)
I've been enjoying the show overall, but the bombing story in this one was really generic. So, misfire for me, but certainly not a large enough one to put me off the show.
I liked that a character who was set up as a villain a couple of weeks ago gets to speak for himself in this episode.

I did not find the bombing story generic, perhaps because I remember when the fringe left in America began bombing property, the subsequent trials and the varied fates of the people who were active in those groups, so it was interesting to me to see a forty-years-later take on those events which wasn't simplistic.
I'm really enjoying this show. It's nice to not watch those generic "cops are always good guys" shows and see that they can be down right scum(like many I know) and also be the grey area ones who wanna clean the place up(have yet to meet one). It's refreshing and really well written and produced! Tim may be on to a winner here(jinxed!).
That's weird to me, janef, because I've seen basically this same bombing story several times over on other shows, no more or less simplistic (and this seemed pretty simplistic to me). Curious.
Perhaps I missed those shows.

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